[2.6] TankyTwirl - PhysSpell CoC Cyclone

First of all, thanks for this incredible build. My character is a near unstoppable beast at level 77 with around 2ex worth of gear. The difference between this build and my RT Marohi EQ Slayer is night and day. The only thing that kills me at this point is stunlock when not cycloning, which is a pure l2p issue. However I still haven't done any red maps, Atziri, or uber lab (can't find that last damn trial!).

Here is my current gear:

Right now I have 7.1k ES, 7.1k BF and 8.4k EK tooltip (still haven't finished uber lab so no frenzy charges). My gems are still pretty low level though as you can see.

I have a few questions:

1. At what point do I start dropping crit nodes from the tree? My base crit is 74.65% cyclone, 53.92% BF, and 61.85% EK. Do I just have to aim for max crit with attacks?

2. Is Tempest Shield worth it with such low block chance? Or should I switch it with Warlord's Mark? Also, should I swap out Inc. Crit in my BV PCoC setup with Inc. Duration?

3. What do I look for in gear upgrades? I know this is a subjective question, but I just got a Fated Connections so my wealth just skyrocketed. At what point do I go for maxed gems? A better armor? A weapon? More spell damage on my gear? Better jewels? Basically do I spend it all on one piece (a 650+ ES 6L Atziri's chest looks pretty nice right now), or do I spread it around on smaller upgrades? If I do that, how much should I be looking to spend on each piece? Basically I am trying to get better at upgrading characters, since I tend to hit a wall around red maps when I'm nervous about spending 80% of my wealth on a single upgrade. What do you guys look for when shopping for upgrades?

Thanks again for the help and again for the great build.
And great community btw, told some sellers of hope the story and said they will get all the loot from it. Nothing happened, just a fckin greedy com.

Wtf dude? Iget that you are angry..but the Seller of the hope did not make your map crash, its not hisfault, whywouldhe give you a Hope for free? O.o


That depends on how fast you want to level during the first days. If you aim for Red Mapsonday 2 i would not reccomend doing it. If you are not in a rush for the Ladderits ok as long as you are patient and allready know a thing or 2 about levelingasCoC and CI.


at level 77 .... haven't done any red maps

Why would you do Red maps at lvl 77? ^^ But happy to hear you enjoy the build so much!

1. I´d say its fine to drop them, if in doubt just use a Diamond Flask for situations without charges.
See answer 3 for more.

2. As youwish in feel like. I allways used WM and Tempest was a Gem i used when i happend to havea open socket. IcS or Inc. Duration isalmost the same, just use whatever socket colours are easier to get.

3. First thing you should do is recraft the mastercrafts on your Dagger and Bodyarmour, both are near minimum values. The basecriton the Dagger is really important so aim for a good Vagan craft.

You also really don´t need all that STR on your Boots and Rings. 'Just get as much STR as you need for a lvl1 Immortal Call, allother Gems don´t needtobe leveld. Its just not worth it to get STR for the really minimal advantages you get from leveling Fortify.

Firstthing to do is redo Mastercrafts for better rolls, then get your Spellgems tolvl 20 and Quality on some of them. GCPs are pretty cheap, i would buy a Quality Cyclone Gem and put Q on ICD and CoC yourself. (you dont need Q on LL, it does nothing for us as does the level)

As for other upgrades, its up to your liking, i would look for a better Dagger, better Shield and maybe a higher ES Chest, but with a new craft on your Chest it should be over 400 ES easy.

Current Builds:
All in one Thread until i make new Guides
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guys i got a problem iam 94lvl im using the ci tree with lvl 3 enlighten...i want to pick the 2 spell damage+jewel socket nodes near the trickster 'tree' under the necromantic aegis node..but i cant do it..anyone knows why?
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You need to pick the next spell damage node first.
I agree that the connection is hard to see.
Really fun build, 86 on about 3ex. Really random gears as i got some uniques which fixed socketing and resist issues, ended up using lightning golem for att speed instead of ice for crit as i couldn't get that extra green socket.

I've done atziri (1 death to fb when she was on 1%) and up to t13 maps, there have been a few noob deaths recently (insta kill on a corrupting blood monster that stacked 10 before i noticed and such). Twinned abomination piety was pretty close and the t13 mines map boss killed me with his death explosion, i hit a wall at 86 where i kept dying hack to 0 xp, should i be sticking to t9-12 for maps and just running t13+ after a ding?
Maybe tryto stick to T10-12 but try to pay attention and get used to Flask all the time. Be Sure to know Mechanics of aBossfight before you enter. Maybe upgradesoem Gear along the way.
Current Builds:
All in one Thread until i make new Guides
Build works Great! I'm using it with Skyforth, LL and CWDT blade vortex w/blind. Character - Healiex
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What would be the best last craft on this? Cold dmg to spells scales with Hatred/HOI?
Or just leave it for better resell value?

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Congrats on a hundred pages ! ^^

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