Frost Bomb

Does the debuff stack? It doesn't explicitly say so, like Wither does, so I assume not. But I want to ask just in case.
It doesn't explicitly state it stacks, ergo it does not stack. :)
TL;DR Needs to store up to three uses or have power charge bypass to compete with traps superior cooldown.

Made a new build (Newfrost) centered around this. So I'll update my opinion.

My first build concept was to use traps to make multiple instances and get shorter cooldowns. Nice damage, though the duration was a problem. Trap triggering + duration created too much time for enemies to close in.

Second build (Newfrost) uses cold pen, elemental equilibrium, and dual curse of ele weakness and frostbite to get enemy resistance very negative... which synergizes well with the debuff. Problem here is the cooldown with no bypass + no stored uses. Killing bosses takes a very long time because of this.
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The Frost Bomb is usefull support for tougher bosses. Other than that I can't justify its usage. In a current state of game -20% cold resistance is unnecessary bonus most of the time. Same goes for life regeneration penalty. Since I almost oneshot rare monsters most of the time It doesn't really matter.

My suggestion how to improve it is to make pulses cause a bit of cold damage and thus apply on hit effects such as Curse on Hit or EE. Also increase amount of lowered cold resistance to -25% to counter EE effect.
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Amazing skill at low level, cast time is low enough to be 'not annoying', 20% more damage at lvl 4 makes great synergy with freezing pulse, also its the only way to kill souleater with regen aura at mid levels :P

75% reduced regen 'instant' debuff is too strong for pvp, I'd suggest to change it mechanic to apply additively per pulse 25%->75% with step 25
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pls give Frost Bomb a "Reduced Duration" Enchantmen like "45% reduced Static Strike Duration" AND remove the Cooldown. So you could use it like a cool cold dmg spell without the long cooldown time :/

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I'll have to agree, please remove the cooldown so that this skill can be used properly.
Some extra thoughts on how Frost Bomb seems to work with Cospri's inherent CoC, which has completely destroyed my plans for now.

I thought of going dual wieling Cospri's, with Ice Nova on of them and Frost Bomb on the other. I still only have one, but after some testing:

At first I thought I'd have each skill on each cospri's, each linked with Life Leech and Cold Pen. Afterwards I realized and remembered that Frost Bomb has a cooldown.

So I said "no biggie, I'll just have both Ice Nova and Frost Bomb in the off-hand, this will result in non-penetrative Ice Novas when Frost Bomb is on cooldown, still good enough with its inherent 20% frost resist reduction on top an actual penetrative Nova"

Never have I been so wrong.

It turns out that Frost Bomb overwrites the CoC/Cospri's sequence of spells. This means that when you have Ice Nova and Frost Bomb both socketed in a Cospri's or linked to a CoC, the sequence is being disrupted and there is no response to half of the crits due to it being on cooldown.

So instead of going Nova-Bomb-Nova-Nova-Nova if lucky on crits-Bomb, it now goes Nova-Bomb-Nova-wasted critical procc-Nova-wasted critical procc-Nova-Frost Bomb.

Please either remove the cooldown from Frost Bomb or fix the CoC frequencing for skills with cooldown.
I love Frost Bomb as a support skill!

My current character is an Ice Spear Occultist. I'm cursing with Temporal Chains (in my CWDT setup) and Projectile Weakness (very good damage increase for this build, causing 2nd stage Ice Spear to Pierce/Knockback).

Frost Bomb's cold resistance reduction allows me to run that Projectile Weakness instead of Frostbite. In fact, I think Frost Bomb's resistance reduction stacks with Frostbite's (I tested this anecdotally by watching the mouse-over monster descriptions. Sometimes 'Vulnerable to Cold' would only appear when both Frost Bomb and Frostbite applied).

Finally, the reduced regen debuff caused by Frost Bomb is amazingly useful. When some bosses or rares have certain essences or are possessed by spirits, their regen can be difficult to overcome. In some fights you might also have to do a lot of dodging while the boss/rare has regeneration, so keeping Frost Bomb up can really help with that.

I've even carried Frost Bomb with me on non-cold-based characters to negate regen in case I need to.
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"In fact, I think Frost Bomb's resistance reduction stacks with Frostbite's"
It does. :)

+1 to the Regen mitigation being awesome, too. It's surprisingly useful.

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