Ancestral Protector

As expected, the melee splash effect from the "impact" slayer passive applies to the totem, which is definitely cool i must say =]
iSo1iD wrote:
SoujiroSeta wrote:
The attack speed bonus from the skill seems bugged. Gives very little if any attack speed. Plz look into it GGG.

I'm experiencing a similar issue, as seen as my earlier post in this thread. Any official word on the matter?

GGG hasn't replied yet unfortunately. It definitely doesn't look like MORE att speed. Seems like INCREASED to me.
Hmm, on my side, it definitely looked like a "more" attack speed IIRC.
I'm at work right now, but i'll check that ASAP.

I confirm, when i am supposed to get 19% "more" attack speed, i get only something around 7%.
Though, i have no idea if it's handled as an "increased" modifier, or if it's just a display bug in the character details ("Attacks per Second" line).
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So it is working with Splash support, but isn't with Multistrike support? It's weird. They all must not working with totem, cose itself isn't attack, or both work... And with other support the same.

How it works with Animate Guardian and other minions? Doest it icrease theirs attack speed?

If my weapon apply some effects from it's mods (curses, bleeding, poison, ect) does totem will do the same? If i have such effect (not a weapon)?
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The attack speed bonus is clearly bugged right now and works like any other "x% increased attack speed" buff as opposed to the "x% more attack speed" buff it's supposed to be.

I've confirmed this by watching the change in "Main hand attack speed modifier" of many different skill and weapon combinations. Putting down the totem would always modify this value by x * LocalWeaponIAS * SkillModifier * MultistrikeModifier and not by x * LocalWeaponIAS * SkillModifier * MultistrikeModifier * IAS as supposed with any "More ..." modifier.

Or in other words: It's additive with increased attack speed, not multiplicative as the "More" keyword would suggest.

This makes it comparatively weak as a support skill for melee builds since the setup time outweighs the relatively small benefit in attack speed, making this skill fairly useless altogether since its damage as a DPS ability also seems lacking compared to similar options (spell totems).
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Besides the meh as buff, my totem never attacks unique monsters. Is that expected?

It's happy to whack at normal, magic and rare monsters, but never touches uniques and act bosses. Kinda useless...
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basically, ancestral totem sucks. You're better off with any other totem. What's with the low range and attack power?
I emailed Mark_GGG, and he confirmed that the totem does infact currenly give INCREASED attacked speed. It has been fixed and the fix will be deployed in a future patch
Thank you, Kaiser SoSe :)
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GGG_Neon wrote:
Version 2.2.1d
  • Fixed a bug where Ancestral Protector was providing increased attack speed, instead of more attack speed.
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