Ancestral Protector

Still wish they'd lengthen the tether to the totem. It just sits there if you're not close to it. Think that's why the earlier poster thinks that it doesn't attack unique monsters. It does, you just have to be close to it. You can't drop AP and run and hide.
I'm currently using this skill. I learned so far that:

1- Increased AOE nodes seem to have no effect on the range of the totem. :(

2- Increased Weapon Range also seems to have no effect (at least the tooltip doesnt show any change, and the totem feels the same). This is both true with the duelist passive and the unique jewel... T.T

3- Its really hard to know the max range u need to stay of the totem for it to work... A visual indicator (a circle or something of the sort) would be really nice.

4- The spirit doesnt come out right away after u summon the totem, even if you summon the totem right beside you. It has like a 1 second delay after the summon.

Would be really nice if we could get some confirmation if its working as intended...
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Vipermagi wrote:
Working as intended - you have Curse on Hit linked to a Skill that only places a Totem. Placing a Totem doesn't Hit anything, so there are no Curses to apply.
The Protector of course uses an entirely different Skill, one that does not have a Curse linked to it, so it cannot apply Curses with Curse on Hit.

Hey, that make sense, and don't at same time... from my perspective, link it with melee support gems also should not work, since it's linked to the totem.... did you got the point?

Well, if it's supposed to be like that, CoH cannot link with AP... like minions.
So, i will use a boring spell totem to apply my curse easily :)
A Melee support doesn't rely on a third Gem existing and being actively linked.
Damage is low, survivability is non-existent. Maybe if it had a bigger hp or a built in knockback or something.
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I understand the argument about the classes of gems but if curse on hit worked with it, I feel like it would actually be useful, as casting this + a curse is a pain. Furthermore, if it is not meant to work with Curse on hit, why does curse on hit show up on the tool tip for it, or is that just an oversight by the devs.
I hate this gem, it is an abomination and imo should not exist in this state.

More attack speed bonus to the player? Why? So now I have to use this on basically every single melee build I make, I have to find yet another gem slot and skillbar slot to use this thing because it gives a ridiculous buff to MY stats...

awful, please dont do this, the totem should do NOTHING for my stats, at all, if you want more damage dealt with the totem out then give the totem more damage, do not boost my stats. I hate it, I cant understand why you would do this, its an absolutely vile gem and I hate that it exists quite frankly.

Golems are an awful thing, but ok the buffs are small so its a small awful thing, this? more attack speed in these quantities? Seriously the entire idea of having basically passive node style buffs on skill gems you have to socket and activate as a little companion is utter cancer, it is a needless, wasteful, terrible idea, seriously. If you want a companion to help someone then make the companion do something, do not give it any boost to the player themselves stats. What were you thinking with that? How can you not see just how awful that concept is?

We are trading skill gems slots and skillbar slots for passive points essentially, 2 things that this game is really limited and restricted by, 2 things you do not under any circumstances want to put further demands and pressure on. If you take away peoples gem slots and skill bar slots the game becomes more boring, limited, 1 main skill spam yawnfest, you have a passive tree with 120+ points to spend on passive buffs, why the hell would you ever destroy gem slots and skill bar slots for passive buffs like this? Why not just give us more passives? If you think melee should have 20% more attack speed then give it to them for goodness sake, add it to their melee skill gems.

It seems to me like you struggled to think of what to do, so you grasped for something that would make golems and brotems appealing and just slapped it on. Its really terrible and shouldnt exist, if you cant make golems and totems do something worth talking about then dont add them, right now they add nothing worth while to the game and yet cost the player things that are extremely worth while and important.
yea I think totems in general need more life. Like probably 100% more because they die wayy too quick in end game even with all the totem life nodes and jewels. Like 2 hits and they're gone, and that sucks if you are 100% dependent on totems. And in pvp they die in 1 hit.

So firstly make ancestral protector have 100% more base life (as well as other totems), and then it would be extremely interesting to make it mimic your weapon/main hand skill. Then maybe give it more reach and maybe i might use it more.
the +16 melee range of AP seem to get overwritten by the +2 melee range of Master of the Arena...

anyone else that's noticed this?
Would have been so much more interesting if it worked directly with linked melee skills,
instead of doing generic attacks.

AP should be like ranged attack totem, where you have to add a melee skill in.
You could play with whatever you want yourself, and have AP as a alternative attack totem.

That would be fun, but I think pretty OP... like dropping almost any heavystrike/ infernal/ sunder/ dominating blow + splash AP x4 as templar without getting in danger at all. But, still fun.
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