"The Acid rainer"(Updated for Prophecy league!)INSANE DMG

Trifall wrote:
heyo, wondering if you could post your life / stats.

Thanks m8

Hey yes sry i didnt found the time yet to improve this guide yet but im planning to do it soon.

I will insert some screenshoots of life and stats for sure thanks for letting me know :)

But is it realy that effective boosting the Dot onyl or isit more effective boosting amount of initial hit and with that the number of resulting dot stacks ? i prefer last one.

Im not a big fan of Sabouteur it just dont offer that much so i took assasin (fatal toxin) and went the crit route (because crit is fun and gives nice extra dmg).

I cant tell you much about your passiv tree before i dont know in what league you are going to play HC/SC? And what u want to archive with your build (only maps? atziri? Uber ?).

Also i saw u took some Curse nodes do you plan on going dual curse when yes how ?

Well, the whole build was focused towards boosting the damage over time effect, back in Talisman league, at the very similar way Pohx did it back in the days.
Played it after the poison and fall nerf, and it is still working amazingly well, can deal with endgame maps, although Ambrius is super pain in the ass, but hey, he always was.
Hell, for me at least, Core is easier than Colosseum.
Atziri, still melts, just like before, even on 5 link.
Uber, I don't have pieces. It could theoretically, but I don't have mortals to test it. And I've moved on to Perandus league, character is currently retired in STD.

I am leaning towards Trickster mainly due to defensive bonuses and damage over time, because I find Sab not offering nearly as much, and whole build is focused on evasion/dodge/curse for defense, and DoT for clearing.

Regarding curses.
Defense. Defense. Defense.
Passive tree was tailored towards defense, d.dip and damage over time, goal was corrupting the amulet for +1 curse, drop the increased aoe gem and run dual blasphemy, but never happened.
Still, curse nodes are decent pickup, granting even higher AoE range for Blasphemy Enfeeble, making sure even ranged mobs half of screen away are being cursed. Curse effect is just a nice bonus to have. Like, just nice, I always loved the offensive and defensive capabilities of curses.
I'm currently sitting on 5800+ life, 11k evasion (no, I am not running Grace, that is why so low), 40% dodge, 45% spell dodge + Enfeeble. Vaal Grace boosts the dodge to 70+ chance, but it's only there for really risky situations.
Enfeeble really boosts it to a whole other level, second curse would probably be Temporal Chains. Defense would go even higher.
I'm not running any auras, no, not even Grace. Only mana reservation is Blasphemy curse. I love curses.
If I had to choose, I would always pick the curse reservation over aura reservation, that's just how much I love them. But that's just me.

Character is retired Talisman character, currently sitting in Standard league, lv90, leveling the second set of gems for quality + vaal.
I'm playing the vortex build at the moment in Perandus league, thus saying retired. Will prolly go back to him later.

Regarding Cluster Traps, you have my thanks for clearing that up for me.
It makes sense, although I would still use a rare dagger instead of Bino's if using Cluster Traps. I feel as if the rare dagger would provide higher dps gain, but it would sacrifice proliferation and that pesky flat 200 hp regen. But that would just be my personal choice.


Also at dangerous bossfights its nice not to have to take all the time aiming while standing still (which can be very dangerous) u just need to throw the traps in his direction and doge/move on.

Never had to do that. I'm always on the move, having wither spell totem down, until the boss makes the attack animation. Once he/she starts preparing, just boom-boom 2-3 traps in his/her way, boss dies.
Unless it's high end maps.
That takes quite a bit more time and effort.
Especially Ambrius. I hate that guy. With passion.

Is it possible to come up with some sort of max block trapper? Also, what are your thoughts on a 12k es vs 5-6k life based trapper?
Crit may well be the way to go with this now.
I've been playing with my non crit variant from Talisman in standard, still works great, and I am probably a bit tankier than you, but damage had gone down a bit and trap cooldown is a little annoying especially as the bear trap option isn't as effective any more due to poison changes.

My character - Trappistpunk - https://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/Carlovski/characters

Did run 4 ubers without much trouble last night though, and a fairly nasty core (Skipped Malachai, I'm not crazy!) so non crit is still good.

kallell wrote:
Is it possible to come up with some sort of max block trapper? Also, what are your thoughts on a 12k es vs 5-6k life based trapper?

Max block trapper isit possible?

Sure its possible but isit optimal? i think not at all.
Most block nodes are on the left side of the tree and u get very limited to your gear choices.

Its more intentional to play evasion/doge since those nodes are also near the trap nodes on the left side of the tree.

12k es trapper vs 5-6k life trapper

Sure a 12k es trapper is much more save then a life based one due to its high effective life pool.

But this comes with a much higher cost since good es gear is pretty expansive.
You can pull of this life based version with 1-2 ex and do all the content an es version can do.
Only time i would go for an es version is when u planning to do Uber on hardcore since no deaths are allowed.
This guide is great easy and the step by step lvling helped i would really recommend this build for easy mapping
Could someone tell me why Carcass isnt considered here? :O
You already have really high damage and the aoe is nice but not a must have. Belly on the other side gives you the defences you need, since the skilltree doesn't offer too much life.
Prolif radius buff? Pls?
ne0x1n wrote:
Could someone tell me why Carcass isnt considered here? :O

As Anonymus42 alreaddy said dmg is no problem so we focusing on defensive stats when it comes to our chest so the inc aoe dmg +inc aoe on caracass is pretty much unimportant for us.

When we break it down,carcass compared to belly of the beast carcass give us much less max life and we dont need the energyshield on it at all. Also belly can have a higher all res roll then carcass

Nice build but I have a few questions :

1. I noticed in your Atziri runs that when you throw a trap they all seem to trigger (well, I assume they all do due to the damage you do). How is this possible for a static enemy as they should not be triggering all the traps?

2. Taking into account the above, why do you not take the saboteur class, that has the "trigger all traps" modifier, or is it not needed on bosses?

3. I see alot of trap builds use vulnerability to double dip in the damage, is this still viable with this build? I see you use enfeeble, this is to keep alive I guess, but in SC would vulnerability be more of an option?

Thanks in advance for any answers.


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