"The Acid rainer"(Updated for Prophecy league!)INSANE DMG

I've begun a variation of this build! Have you tried using a single Bladefall trap instead of using Cluster Traps? The reason I ask is because I notice sometimes in your videos that not all 4 traps trigger. This seems to happen for smaller mobs and single target. I know you've tried to solve the problem by grabbing trap radius passives, but some traps still don't trigger. Why not replace Cluster Traps with Void Manipulation and swap between Conc Effect/Inc AoE for bosses/mobs? Thanks for the help!

Cluster Traps throws 4 traps, which, at level 20, have 66% damage each (compared to a 5L)
Therefore if you use Cluster Traps and:
- only one trap hits: you have 66% damage
- two traps hit: you have 132% damage
- three traps: 200% damage
- four traps: 266% damage

Void Manipulation throws 1 trap, which, at level 20 has 39% more Chaos damage.
However, since this more chaos multiplier only applies to your poison damage (which is about 60% of your total hit - see one of my earlier posts), this translates to about 24% extra damage for 124% damage (compared to a 5L).

So if only one of your Cluster Traps hit, Void Manipulation is better.
If two or more hit, Cluster Traps is better.

I would go for Cluster Traps all the time.

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I'm about to respec my old poison arrow trapper into this. It looks like a lot of fun. Thanks for the guide!
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On the topic of whether Cluster Traps is good if not all traps detonate, I'm currently using this belt:

You definitely forego some def stats, but your traps always go off before they can be damaged and it seems to boost especially single target DPS a lot. Thoughts?
is this build still viable for 2.5 hall of grandmasters?
YoursTruly86 wrote:
is this build still viable for 2.5 hall of grandmasters?

Yes it is.
is this build still viable in 2.6 and can u update. thanks!
Any chance this build to be updated to 3.0? This one was the best I've ever tried, but I don't feel I can update it myself..
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Sadly i have to say this build is dead, it was a wild ride as long as it lasted tho :)

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