"The Acid rainer"(Updated for Prophecy league!)INSANE DMG

GunCrazy420 wrote:
So I really like your build. I play HcP, and I am doing a similar build but without crit. How is your damage and survivability compared to a non-crit version. The damage seems insane on this build, and was wondering if I should start with crit over non crit BF Traps.

Thanks again for your help!

Nice to hear that you enjoy my build.

sure its possible to play on hc did it also (died to a dumb mistake) was facerolling content as soon as i got tabula + binos.

I took more life and dropped a bit damage here and there.

You can find the passivetree i used here:

Good luck :)

I just want to say thank you man for sharing your build, it's so OP.
It took me 8 hours to start from nothing and kill Atziri for my challenge with really easy lvling with Tabula Rasa (thx Cadiro bro deal, I killed Atziri in it).

I think you just broke POE.
Did my kill with Maligaro's Virtuosity, Atziri's Step, Tabula Rasa and this wand for 1c

You can easily do Atziri even with that. I had 3300hp and not even a full cap of resists. So I think this build is the cheapest and the fastest way to kill Atziri right now.

Thanks again.
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l33tsmurf wrote:
Problem with AA is that it only works when you standing still, and this build really needs you to be on your toes and running around.

Drop your 2 quiksilver flasks for another life and an Atziri's flask. I personally like the instant recovery or 50% recovered instantly flasks, as most of the damage I sustain is peaky, so I need to heal quick.
Use whirling blades to get around, really don't need the quicksilver flasks.

Around 65% mana regen seems to work for me to not have to rely on mana flasks too much, so aim for that dont need too much due to trap cooldown.

As mentioned too, take out trap cooldown and put cluster traps, thats a fundamental on the build, so is not up for negotiation IMHO.

This character will always be squishy, thats why you have to play smart and throw traps before getting into the mobs. I normally throw trap, whirling blades through mobs (the traps trigger around the same time) hit a few pots, then go onto the next mob.

Let us know how you go, and if you need an Atziri flask hit me up in game I have a few lying about.


I didn't have a cluster trap leveled so i'm using multiple traps temporarily.

wow! what a difference that makes. once cluster traps get's leveled i'll make sure and try, but multiple traps is working really well. alch-and-go T10 maps are a breeze.

i've got clarity cranked up now and mana regen is only an issue when there are a lot of mobs and i'm throwing a lot of traps, but then i just tap the mana flask and i'm good.

also enfeeble has helped tremendously, the difference is amazing.

thanks very much for the help.
Hey, thanks for your build, I started following this guide right now. I'm totally new to trap builds so i hope my question is not too dumb, but i can't see you utilise any offensive auras or heralds in this build.. is there a reason for that which I simply don't get? or don't they have benefits for a trap build?
is there a reason for that which I simply don't get? or don't they have benefits for a trap build?

You deal a lot of damage without them. But you need clearity ( "aura") for mana regen and enfeeble/blasphemy "aura" for defense.
Offence is enough without anything :)

Thanks for the positive feedback :)

@Plastic eyes

Good to hear that it turned out well im always glad to help.
If u have any further question feel free to ask them :)


As RiddiMacVan alreaddy correctly pointed out we have so much damage, that we arent in need to use auras for extra damage.
So we are using our auras for defense and mana sustain.

There are good other option like Temp chains (slows monsters/longer dot duration) and/or Vulnerabillity (Monster take more phys dmg,monster take more dmg over time)

if i could squeeze another aura in beside clarity and enfeeble it would be definitly one of them.
Thank OP for the build!

Tried this build and made some adjustment here and there. Took two more life nodes; drop some damage nodes; used dual-curse instead of clarity.

Yesterday took down UBER (first UBER try ever) using a 5-link with 20/0 bladefall at Lvl 92! It was an intense yet satisfying trip.
purjunka wrote:
I'm running a similar version of the build on PHC, main difference being I rely on triple curse for defense and EB for casting. It's still WIP so I want to ask:

1. Why Toxic delivery over Ambush? If you drop the crit chance nodes on tree and replace them with crit multi it still puts you at about 50% crit chance. However the first trap throw will always be a massive crit.

2. The more I play the more I get pissed off on trap cooldown... to the point I am actually considering switching to non-crit mines or even Saboteur. It feels like I have all the damage in the world yet I have to wait for it... Any thoughts?

Edit: 3. If you put a dagger with added lightning to spells it should pretty much always shock, but would the bladefall waves after the first one benefit from it? Or are they all considered single cast/hit?


First of i want to apologize for the later answer i just didnt saw your post blind me XD

1.Well if we throw 5 traps and all trigger, only one trap will do a massiv crit(or even only the first volley of the bladefall? not sure about that)

The other traps have to deal with a huge damage loss especially against bosses.
I prefer going the save route whith toxic delivery which give us more dmg +inc dot damage+ less dmg taken from traps.

2. Trap cooldown is an intended downside to traps from GGG i guess since u can archive so much damage with it (thats why trap support gem gives more trap damage )
In my opinion if trap cooldown pisses you off alreaddy then mines will do it doubble since u need place mine + detonate and u cant throw mine sonto enemys unlike traps.
This will make playstyle/clearspeed even worse.
Mines are perfect boss killers tho.

3.Yes added light on your dagger is pretty strong.

Quote from wikki:
``Waves: casting the spell summons five cascading waves of blades, with each wave dealing damage once....``

So if u cast one bladefall only one volley of it will hit the target so it wont benefit from the shock.
But since we casting 5 bladefalls and every bladefall counts as individual cast (one cast per trap) it is possible that first bladefall shocks and the second bladefall(from another trap) hitting afterwards will get benefits from it.

Anotherway to get benefits from shock but this time with only one bladefall would be knockback which allows bladefall to do multiple hits per cast.
Would be interessting to try this actually :)

And apologize again for the late answer.

Greetz ekarpoe
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Thanks for the build. Of course I made my own variation, and I'm telling you what I've felt about it just in case it interests you.
I tried this in the 2WPHC, and I was doing fine until level 62, when I decided to do a reckless run to cruel Izaro. I died mainly because I was not using Enfeeble nor Whirling Blades. It was OK as I just wanted to test it and finally respec at level 80+ to another build I had in mind with items in Standard.
I also have to mention that as in 2WPHC I had no possibility to get a Bino's, I decided to go single target with Bladefall on a 5L and use Lightning Trap for packs, and was working ok. Back to standard I decided to do a twist to it and swapped the Lightning trap set up with Ice Trap + Cluster Traps + Trap and mine damage + Added Chaos, and I found that I was oneshotting packs with it. Hard rares and bosses were melting down with Bladefall + Vaal lightning trap.
This way I had some benefits: Ice Trap has a way faster cooldown, and I was freezing mobs while killing them, so the packs of porcupines do not release any spike on death and I save the larger cooldown of Bladefall for fewer mobs. I am mapping way faster with this setup. I also took 2 extra Frenzy charges, and with 2 daggers I'm generating 6 power charges and 5 frenzy charges very fast, no need for the trapper shield at all.
At level 72 I was doing easy T8's and T9's with 16/0 gems, and I've also done 2 deathless Atziri runs.
Now at level 83 with 18/0 gems I'm doing over 40K dps on a 5L single target Bladefall setup, and 20k on the Icetrap setup, both at full charges.
I guess I can swap the Added Chaos gem for Controlled Destruction to get faster power charges and more damage. I've got to test it yet.

what's the tooltip damage without buff?

Thank you!

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