Viper Strike Bino's Help!

So i manage to get this items:

And i really want to make a critical viper strike build with abyssal cry but so far i have no idea what kind of passive tree i should use and so far i have come up with these two

Shadow Assasin

Scion Occultist+Assasin

The concept is having two auras: Vulnerability+Warlord's mark to get increased damage and survivability, attack enemies with bino's knife with a few hits and when the poison kills them the rest of the pack will die from abyssal cry explosion.

There are other items i might use lie death's hand or Cherrubim's maleficence to increase this build efficiency.

Thanks for your time
Last bumped on Oct 2, 2017, 7:52:23 PM
Did you work this out? tried it in the new league?

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