Performance Improvements

Thanks for the info. Been having so many crashes this expansion, been a very love/hate relationship with poe for me of late
....but I still love you all, keep up the good work.
64 bit/dx11

Good news!
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Make an option for reducing particles (rain, ground effects, some skills). I don't play this game because of graphic. A lot of people would rather have more than 5 fps instead of "nice burning ground".
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For the first time in my life i see in a game that developers care about issues on Performance Improvements and they care about players with low PC performances.

This game have a good future since you guys work so hard and update the game each time a little problem or a big one is appearing.

I play many games but is first time when i think "THEY CARE ABOUT US" and for this the staff deserve everything .

Thank you !
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regarding the privacy issues with win10, the only problem here is: to keep your privacy you have to get the professional version of win10 which doesn't come for free.

seeing how many people here struggle to invest 50 cent for a premium tab upgrade this surely is a problem as these people will have to pay with their data to upgrade to win10.
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I like how you think that the only reason most people don't have windows 10 is because of the new privacy policy for windows 10 (and I also like how you think that everyone should not care about privacy because you don't care about it). Windows 7 is still more stable and I think it is better for doing work (don't tell me I haven't used it, I have Windows 10 on my laptop). Upgrading may also mean additional cost and there is some risk that the upgrade may cause problems (for example compatibility issues etc).

Finally not everyone is using their computer just for games. I prefer using Windows 7 for now as it is more suitable for my work at the time being.

I haven't watched the performance differences. From the other hand just because you use Dx12 doesn't mean you are automatically going to have a performance benefit, you have to exploit the new features efficiently to be able to get the performance benefit.

And of cource as I said Dx12 may improve performance, but it certainly won't initially improve stability because it is a new system that may have a lot of bugs.

In other words the problem wasn't inherently the operating system or DirectX, but that they have introduced new features that resulted in new bugs.

Again you are making the argument that just because most people (?) have a good computer the rest should give up on path of exile. Surely there is a line that they have to draw, but the line you are suggesting would be a really bad business decision.

As for the majority of players, you can look it up yourself but here are some links:

Surely many have upgraded to windows 10 and even more will in a year, perhaps I may be one of them too. But the amount of people that will have an OS below windows 10 will still be significant.

Upgrade to 10 was free.

Indeed the code they introduce in the latest patch caused alot of issues for me. And apperently for other people aswell otherwise this topic would be non-existent.

Second of half, nice bait on the usages links. But they are really meaningless. Since it's only a percentage of a percentage of a percentage of that, that plays PoE. In otherws words enless GGG is feeling like realing info about Most Used Os, GPU - Dx11 / Dx12 comp., Ram, CPU. There is no point. The point I was referring too is that all people that I know who have decent rigs, seem to have some sort of stability issue with the game. Obv. that is not everyone.

You know whats bad for business? Constant crashes, lag and disconnects.

W7 is not more stable than W10. Quantify this plz.

Obv. games need to implement certain Dx12 features in order for them to be useful, yes.

Anyway my point was simple, keep current business at Dx9 and prepare for Dx12 and be future proof.

64-bit DirectX 11 Client

*tears in my eyes*

Thank you all at GGG, with much respect to everyone.
I really hope it will be better after the patch because the recent 2.2.1e one did the exact opposite for me, making the game barely playable even in solo.
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Good News.
I really hoped for some big performences imrpovements and here they are. Hope next thing to change will be new QoL Improvements as well (still hoping for nice Minion Overview and build in Jewel Overview :) )

Is it possible to make an Option for "Low Texture" or "Lower Graphics"? I really enjoy all the beautiful Art but sometimes it is hard to follow the game because of too many particles, lights and Skilleffects (when I'm playing Whispering my buddys still have FPS Problems in Partys... would be nice to change those :) )

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