Performance Improvements

Have an option to disable allied particles. Would help people with Cast on crit/summoner etc finding groups since it will not be bleeding there computer of resources rendering the discharge/minion vfx.
Server just crashed for like the 5th straight day. Atziri and divine orb gone. It's more of a problem than this post leads on.
there's no improvements. There won't be. All this is just smoke to cover the next cash grab as usual from ggg.
Meridin wrote:
What I wanna know is why the game will render skills and play audio sounds that are no longer there.

Like say I'm in Sarn arena, and there's this guy offscreen chain-casting some laggy skill like Ice Storm over and over again. I never see/hear it yet because I'm not near him, but if I revive over there, the game will suddenly try to load EVERYTHING that has happened in that area since I entered the instance. Sometimes it's tried to load so many things at once my game crashed.

Another example is in maps, if I'm following someone far ahead of me, I can still hear the leap slams/bladefall sounds as I walk through the area, even though those skills happened long ago. It's really weird.

Yes, I too have noticed this issue. I load into a zone that others had cast a number of spells in and the game ends up rendering every spell previously cast, simultaneously.
Big Thanks! So far you just made the labyrinth playable for me :)
Great to hear! I really hope the network issues get resolved; my in-game ping most often than not looks like an old man constantly dying of arrhythmia, and I always send a, for instance, ping -t to see if my internet is ok. Which it is the majority of the time.
Valentia wrote:
Hi Chris & GGG!

I'm not sure if you read all these, but I have been having huge issues with the game since I switched to my new internet.

I mean, I'm certain it's my internet connection. I am in a rural area and my down/up is 4.50~Mb/s down and .7 Mb/s up. I cannot get any better where I live.

This gives me 50-100 ping in basically every game I play.... except for PoE. I am literally unable to play PoE in parties bigger than 2-3 people. Even just with one friend in my party the performance is unfortunate. I can barely move and it's just generally unplayable. Combine this with the fact that I am 39/40 challenges and have to do Zana rotations for the 40th challenge is especially frustrating. I have to join a group and basically just AFK while everyone else does their thing.

I also am unable to do any sort of streaming while playing- whether it's video or audio. The same thing happens and it's just unplayable. I can play any other game just fine while doing these things.

Are there any fixes to my situation coming? I understand it is essentially my connections fault, but it is just frustrating that it's only a problem with PoE.

Also, I am not willing to get rid of lockstep.

T be honest, that is exactly the problem.

Lockstep was not meant to be used with 50-100ms of latency. (Thats pretty damn high.)
From my understanding Lockstep is for users with a maximum of 50-60ms of latency.
Honch wrote:
PLEASE, let us disable all sounds but Loot Filter Notifications.

You already can. This is exactly how I play.

"Item Filter Alert Volume" is the only audio setting I have on. All others are off.
On a somewhat related note are you guys looking at reducing the amount of aoe clutter? It's so bad I don't see flame bearer sometimes until they pop
Thank you for this post, I very much welcome the transparency of your development process. I would gladly see more of this so that, rather than cursing at my lost progress and mindlessly yelling "FIX THIS" in my head, I can now understand why this is happening and I know that you are working on it. Cheers!

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