Performance Improvements

Pretty cool man, i hope i can get a new machine soon and take advantage of lots of the later improvements. It's not that old, but it's pretty damn old

Top of page 2, i was so close to page 1
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so what exactly causes the game to freeze for several seconds that a player enters my map/hideout etc? even though i'v been in party with them before and have seen, thus loaded their art assets. every time they enter my zone the game freezes. this is especially annoying in master rotations.
ggg you the real mvp <3
dx11 is gonna be awesome, can't wait. :)
Will DX11 help reduce the ridiculous 20 fps drops in any map with any ground effect or make multi shatter herald of ice procs from literally any aoe skill not dip from 60 to 12 fps making for an excruciatingly jagged gaming experience with with a rig that could run crisis.

This is the ONLY thing I care about at this point in time as game design and balance wise, poe has never been better.

Solving fps issues will bigger than solving desync.
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Will the new 64 bit client be usable in steam? How would the change be done?
i just spent a bunch of money on a new pc(6600k @ 4.7ghz + r9 390x @ 1150ghz) so hopefully that combined with these improvements will be enough to finally enjoy poe with more than 5fps
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Will the new 64 bit client be usable in steam? How would the change be done?

They could make it:
- DLC that you can toggle on/off.
- A beta that you can toggle on/off in the Game Properties.
- Or an annoying Launcher Window that waits for you to make a choice before beginning the actual loading of game assets.
- A separate EXE file that serves to detect your O/S and launch the appropriate Game EXE file without you having to do anything.

Will FMOD allow more than 32 sounds to be played simultaneously?
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Dx11 hype and no,my wife did not leave.never had one.....
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Here is a thought (and only a rough one).

do the 64bit/Dx11 in two stages, do a 64bit version first, then migrate to DX11.

At least then the client can use the benefits of 64bit OS / CPU and not just limiting itself to 4GB of memory, mostly for those people like myself who has 8GB of ram (or more).

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