Performance Improvements

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Nice to hear about ur Wannabe Perfomance Updates..haha..
at least get ur freaking Skills in Line...

What the fuck is wrong with u guys...
instead of posting every 20 Daya a fucking new Armor to the Fanboy Shop u could at least TRY to work...
u freaking jerks downunder...

Why the hell get i disconnected and killed by using Blade Vortex on a Beyond Map??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Can u try to explain the lack of "fuck, i dont care Engine"??????????
Whats wrong with ur Cardboard Servers?
u bushfixed them??????????
hillarious..beeing a wannabe World domination planing, blizzard competing, dual asslicking asshole Company

u should add this line to all ur wannabe top #10 Twich Jerks Hotfixes
"fixed a bug where the Game was fun"
Thanks for reading, if not...Quote Bill Burr :"Go fuck yourself Chris"
i think the biggest improvment for performance will come with dx11 and 64 bit.
Imagine POE (game architecture, skills, etc) running inside Diablo 3's engine. It would be glorious.

But in all seriousness, Chris and the GGG team. Playing in parties is impossible and you guys know this. I'm doing a whispering ice build and it's just not happening anymore. I literally get "kicked" from public parties because people dont want to endure the lag. That's not fair to me, to you, or them. These are such silly issues it's really sad. It ruins the "multiplayer" experience. It shouldn't be like that, and you guys already know, but I ask you, you've got to do something. This is not what Brevik or any Diablo developers would want to see.

I also just heard of an old Diablo 2 dev that passed away. Was one of the original artists. I think his death might motivate you guys to bring back this engine/game and do what's right. Either a new engine, or atleast something.

In the end, I know you guys will do what's best atleast you're being transparent with us :)

"Good thing they nerfed the carto, it wasn't fun to find one in every map." - Haborym
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Would it be possible to have an OPTION to lower down everything to the bare bones? I mean even effects and textures to the BARE minimum (like in Quake for example where you can have literally NO textures?).

Sometimes I get 10-20 fps and that really affects the game experience. I would rather have everything look 'ugly' as long as the game runs smooth and I know what is where.
More empty promises, yay
More empty promises, yay
Pas ici pour rendre service ;).
Un jeu avec autant de qualités que de défauts, malheureusement ignorés et soutenus par une marée de supporters nolifes sans aucune objectivité.
Ah et Jte pisse dessus cher cipher cono trouve toi une vie, vite =).
The game is suddenly unplayable. 5-10 second lag spikes that I suffered years past has returned. Such a shame since the game has actually been pretty decent recently up until the last few days.
What might work well is a higher amount of controll over the graphic settings and what resources are used by the game.

The memory usage revamp is very noticable for me and since i'm not playing on a top tier machine, i have far less sudden unexpected crashes due to max usage of memory.

Giving people the controll over what level of graphics, shades, textures, sprites etc. etc. etc. they want in the game will improve their gaming experience at the cost of some visual perks.

I like to think that people rather play the game on lower settings than have too high settings forced and have crashes, stutters and very long load times. If they can afford a better machine, they can get all the graphics they want
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