Performance Improvements

Thanks for updates and fixes, but i still have lags and freeze in game and client crash everyday (not very often).
But this is better then before was.

Thanks for your hard works!
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Steam version have got 64-bit version? Or only 32-bit?

Nice changes! My very LP desktop now run under minimal settings (24-50fps - Intel HD Graphics 2nd gen, Sandy Bridge, Intel Celeron)
$computer = array( "CPU" => "Intel i7-6700", "GPU" => "Intel HD Graphics 530", "RAM" => "Kingston HyperX 2400 CL12 2x8GB (16GB)", "S.O" => "Windows 10 Pro x64" );
return $computer;
Lost 3 offerings in a row cause your pos client crashes like clockwork in uber lab.

Meanwhile you keep begging for money you spend on atrociuos mtx rather than on fixing the actual game.

One of this games initial selling points was that you could run it on a toaster.

And that was, literally, never true. The game has always bottlenecked my Laptop's CPU hardcore, while I could raid in World of Warcraft or play D3, ESO and GW2 at medium settings with playable framerates. It was never playable on this machine, and it isn't even close to the age of XP or Vista-era hardware.

I know literally anyone who would downgrade to XP off of Windows 7, so I'm drawing the line at 2009. That hardware simply won't cut it for this game, especially Laptops with AMD CPUs. Don't even bother.

Every couple of months I reload the game to see if it's more playable. Nope. Lags and stutters everywhere in a village. Don't even get me started about combat.

Meanwhile, I can log over to D3 and do GRs with 40+ MOBs on the screen with no performance issues...

In order to ensure the game plays well on that hardware, the developers need to test on that hardware. Maybe they should try playing the game on mid-range AMD hardware and see how terrible it is. As long as they're developing and testing predominantly on high end hardware, it won't matter what they "intend" if the end result is the complete opposite.

The game feels heavy. It bottlenecks anything that isn't an i5 or better, particularly Notebooks - and especially those with AMD APUs.

If they intended what you stated, then clearly they didn't meet that benchmark - ever. I don't have any faith in them doing so in the future, either.
It's sad really... This is my favorite game by far. My i7 bottlenecks HARD. I can't play with groups, I can't play hardcore, every time i fight Malachai I resign myself to dieing 15 times because i'm at 2 fps.

Imagine all of the people who wouldn't have quit, who would be giving GGG money on a regular basis, if their game just performed the way it should.

All the cool updates and 3.0 hype amounts to nothing if your game can't even stay above 20 fps on mid tier machines. I'm slowly dieing here.
The main problem is that the client engine is completely not scalable for CPU and very little for GPU. The client is mostly a rendering application both CPU and GPU doing jobs for rendering and physics. I suppose the other stuff that CPU does - handling input, handling gameplay and action logic is less then 10% of CPU time.

I have a strange situation with my current PC at home. I have decent GPU (NVIDIA GTX 970) and very old CPU - Core 2 Quad 3Ghz, OC to 3.6Ghz per core. I cannot play in parties more then 3 human players, while 2 is the comfort border. When playing single, the fps drops below 30 are very rare, so bottlenecks do happen, but they are acceptable. Video settings maxed on 64-bit dx11 client.

So I tried to achieve more FPS in 3ppl parties especially. I minimized all the graphics settings. No effect. So almost same avg fps with greatly worse graphics. The conclusion is simple - my GPU handles POE easily, but my CPU doesn't. There are no settings that would cause lower CPU usage. And that probably be the case of potential particles limitation settings.

Anyway I'm sure my CPU would enough if the client would be better optimized. There are games in which the logic is similar - crowds of enemies and several human players - e.g. Mass Effect 3 multiplayer. And my hardware handles it without single fps drops. But that is Unreal Engine.

It is perfectly fine that you can't make a great engine at once. But for heaven's sake why there is no option in setting to lower particles in parties ? It is not only performance, but also the comfort of the game. There is reason why such heavy particle effects should be drawn with 4+ players in party and lots of monsters. The screen is totally unclear. It is isometric view, the graphics should be clean at first - the art is secondary!

I saw that the problem of too heavy particles effects is present since 2013. Probably the best solution would be to auto-scale particles density based on actors/entities visible on screen density. There could be a manual setting naturally also. GGG, when are you going to implement this finally ?
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I do not know if this is relevant to this topic, but I want to know if you are going to officially support turning off some gfx of skills? Maybe lesser particles, removing some extra stuff like gore or magic footsteps of other players?

I really want to play this game, but even with a high end gaming setup sometimes it still lags out of these particles/gfx.

Best example that crushed my GPU : run a acton's nightmare. :)
Please make input key option for master volume and filter alert volume.

I love GGG.
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Game locks up with the action frozen. Only remedy is to kill the client in task manager. :(
GGG keep improve Performance and make game less laggy!
Make more graphic options for low spec PC and old PC
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