Performance Improvements

It was time for some explanation, and it was interesting to read all
Sounds positive. And I hope to see inter-servers interactions stabilizing. Connections to EU has been terrible for me in the last couple months and have been the biggest issue for me so far.
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Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
64-bit DirectX 11 Client
In the future we plan to release an alternate Path of Exile client that is compiled as a 64-bit executable and will use DirectX 11 rather than DirectX9. This client will require Windows Vista or above (and a 64-bit CPU). The old client will still work for Windows XP or 32 bit machines, but won't have the performance improvements that come with DirectX 11. This release is planned for 2017.

Best news I've read in a long time :}
It itches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thanks GGG
I'm happy with the game, keep up the good work. The only complaints I'd have are latency related, but I'm in China, so there's not much you can do about it
Hi Chris,

There has been a lot of mention to the performance improvements to Lockstep, and a lot of focus has been emphasized on or around Lockstep.

Not all of us live in major metropolitan areas or countries that support low latency capabilities, my concern and question is, is there any improvements been made to predictive mode and will we see these as well?

For interest sake what is the ratio between Lockstep and Predictive mode?

Thx for the GG
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Bro I know tons of people with gaming rigs like yours and with resources in abudances that have all kind of performances issues. GGG keeps deyning everything. DX11/64bit won't fix a fundamentally flawed design.

I mean they are still talking about XP and stuff. What kinda potato's are you guys even running?

One of this games initial selling points was that you could run it on a toaster. This an internationally marketed game, by a "larger" independent developer in a country not known for huge game companies that you play for free. You can not expect everyone in that broad of a market to be able to even have access to anything better than XP.
It itches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Nothing about the massive frame drops? Particularly for AMD users?

I can't imagine the poor frame rate caused by many monsters/effects on screen is all caused by asset loading, but that seems to be what GGG is saying.

Seems to me that there are some serious (ongoing) performance issues that were not addressed in this manifesto.

Still, I appreciate the information that was given.
This is why I support GGG. Keep up the good work! I have less and less issues since open beta and they still apologise for the current stability. PoE is so good I used to play it with 17 fps and did not even think about trying out another game.
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Wow...You managed to explain all this very technical stuff in such simple terms that I was able to understand and actually really, really, appreciate.

Wishing you guys all the best at GGG.

Thank you for continuing to provide us with the most epic ARPG-MMORPG gaming experience.
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This is the reason I never regret spending money on this game.

Ps: I would suggest phasing out 32-bit, dx9 and xp support come 2018 together with the fishing league with VR support. I see no reason to sustain compatibility since the resources required for broader compatibility might not be worth it a year after the dx11 support is released, and when everyone is running VR capable machines.

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