Performance Improvements

And what if you actually start consider your engine performance before adding, new, flashy effects to game? It's not only about boxes, perandus mobs or shuttering labyrinth. It's about trying to play with somebody using multiple traps Ice Trap. I'm virtually unable to play with my friend's trapper as my client freezes every time he fires his traps...

You are very keen on saying that player should learn to play and that this game only for skilled players. So, on contrary, when you actually start to learn how to design and code?
Anticipation slowly dissipates...
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Honch wrote:
PLEASE, let us disable all sounds but Loot Filter Notifications.

Some way to add a visual indication for this would be great!
Nice. I appreciate the honesty.
Please don't PM me ingame with filter/guide questions, post them on the forum, after reading the FAQ.
Honch wrote:
PLEASE, let us disable all sounds but Loot Filter Notifications.

You can aye
LordItchy wrote:

Bro I know tons of people with gaming rigs like yours and with resources in abudances that have all kind of performances issues. GGG keeps deyning everything. DX11/64bit won't fix a fundamentally flawed design.

I mean they are still talking about XP and stuff. What kinda potato's are you guys even running?

One of this games initial selling points was that you could run it on a toaster. This an internationally marketed game, by a "larger" independent developer in a country not known for huge game companies that you play for free. You can not expect everyone in that broad of a market to be able to even have access to anything better than XP.

Seeing how you get 700 FPS on a modern rig, it sorta do that.
Then you enter a area or a boss with cool effects, and it drops to like 40. Like Dominus, Malachai or anything big and cool.
Its fun.
Chris wrote:
Draw Calls
Every object that has to be rendered in a scene is a Draw Call. Processing all of these consumes the CPU (in addition to whatever rendering later happens on the GPU). On Windows XP, this is especially slow. Reducing the number of Draw Calls helps improve performance in situations where the CPU is the bottleneck rather than the GPU.

We recently found a problem that affects certain types of lights in Path of Exile. It would dramatically increase the number of Draw Calls in the scene when those lights were present. We have already deployed a fix to this (which helped reduce Draw Calls) and have a Labyrinth-specific fix being tested for an upcoming patch.

64-bit DirectX 11 Client
In the future we plan to release an alternate Path of Exile client that is compiled as a 64-bit executable and will use DirectX 11 rather than DirectX9. This client will require Windows Vista or above (and a 64-bit CPU). The old client will still work for Windows XP or 32 bit machines, but won't have the performance improvements that come with DirectX 11. This release is planned for 2017.
You are going to hit the wall again with DX11. the Drawcalls difference between DX12 vs DX11 is day and night. DX11 vs DX9? Drawcalls is still a problem.

Why not just make a giant leap and jump to DX12? At leats that jump can run for several more years b4 switching again. By 2017 a lot of computer will be DX12 capable, those who arent can still use DX9.
Nice work GGG :) ty for this info!
Would it be possible to go 64-bit without the DX11 conversion to speed up that part of the transition? Going 64-bit alone would be a boon since you could give us a slider for how much memory we'd like to let the game consume. I have 16 gigs in my PC yet PoE will crash at about 3.5 due to 32-bit limitations and memory fragmentation.
I'm too old for this shit.
VarthDaver wrote:
Any chance you can let the client actually load the whole amount into RAM? Those of us with 16/32/64GB ram would likely trade initial load for removing lag.

Otherwise, glad to have the update!

Why?, it more likely that the users that can do this are a very small fraction AND you can do this yourself anyway by making a ram disc
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Meridin wrote:
What I wanna know is why the game will render skills and play audio sounds that are no longer there.

Like say I'm in Sarn arena, and there's this guy offscreen chain-casting some laggy skill like Ice Storm over and over again. I never see/hear it yet because I'm not near him, but if I revive over there, the game will suddenly try to load EVERYTHING that has happened in that area since I entered the instance. Sometimes it's tried to load so many things at once my game crashed.

Another example is in maps, if I'm following someone far ahead of me, I can still hear the leap slams/bladefall sounds as I walk through the area, even though those skills happened long ago. It's really wierd.
Explain this please. Now I can understand why the game tries to load that skills ("huh, so someone used ice rain not long ago, i better load this now 'cause i likely will have to do it anyway in near future"). But why does it then play that skills' sounds???

Also, no word on FPS-killing ground effects, especially burning one? Really?
And worst change is putting almost all bosses in new version of maps into fucking small areas, where you can't kite well or dodge stuff. What a terrible idiot invented that I want say to him: dude flick you, seriously flick you very much.

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