How would you add reliable knockback to Vortex?
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Fending cluster and the Knockback support, same as anything else.
This might be a "1st world problem" thing, but can Vortex get some better visual representation to its b cast?

Right now it feels like using a /spawn command instead of a spell actually being materialized.

Just something to have on the back end of priorities really.
Would the following situation work to take full advantage of EE:

Vortex + Pyre + (Form of added lightning damage, either Added Lightning Support, Essence of Torment or Lab boot enchant)

I'm thinking the initial hit of vortex will be fire and lightning damage, causing constant vulnerability to cold for the dot and the lightning damage will set up vulnerable to fire for the next initial hit of vortex?
EE does one check per Element:
IF Fire damage dealt THEN +25% Fire Resist ELSE -50% Fire Resist
As such, hitting with both Fire and Lightning damage does not reduce Cold resist beyond the normal 50%. You only need the Pyre.

With added Lightning damage, all you're doing is also increasing Lightning Resist, it will not reduce Fire Resists.
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king_lem wrote:
Let's first cover your first case with using Pyre. The DoT would not be changed to Fire damage due to Pyre. So, the initial hit from Vortex, being converted to fire, would increase all affected mobs' resistances to Fire. Correspondingly, their resistances to Cold and Lightning would be decreased, allowing the cold DoT to deal more damage to those affected by the initial hit.

The important thing to remember with conversion is that damage over time effects cannot be converted from one type to another. Another important thing to remember is that none of the ticks of damage from a DoT effect count as "hits." Thus, DoTs do not trigger Elemental Equilibrium, Life Leech, or Life Gain on Hit.

Following that, let's cover your Hrimburn case. Since the initial burst of Cold damage from Vortex counts as a hit, then those affected would take reduced damage from the subsequent Cold DoT of Vortex. Now, the burn effect from Hrimburn would enjoy reduced resistances from Elemental Equilibrium, so that could possibly work to your benefit.

Tl;dr - Yes, you're right, the DoT would tick against mobs with heightened Cold Resists and deal less damage.

Thanks for the explanation.

What would you use with Elemental Equilibrium then?

Pyre to Amplify the Cold DOT of the Skill?

Or Hrirmburn to Amplify the Fire DOT of the Ignite?

According to my calculation, Fire DOT from the Ignite is Less Powerfull than the Cold DOT from the Skill effect. Therefore, I think it could be better to run the Pyre...
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It appears that the DoT applies a chilling effect, but is not considered an actual chilling ground. It's unlikely, but do both slows stack if the Vortex were used on top of chilling ground?

Also, does the DoT have the same 30% reduction as the chill applied by the chilling ground effect?
Vortex does leave Chilled Ground.
zhouster wrote:
What modifiers currently scale both the initial explosion and the degen effect?
My list so far (please correct me if I'm incorrect or incomplete): Area Damage, Spell Damage, Elemental Damage, Cold Damage?

I know this is probably kinda silly but I wish Vortex worked with Frostbolts fired from a totem.

it kinda makes sense that they don't but it also sucks cause it'd make using frostbolt totems (yes, I am silly) far better or allow a caster to use frostbolt on a totem without having to deal with the change between spells.

I'm just sad and annoyed even if I understand why it doesn't work.

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