To make the combo mechanic more practical, please consider one or more of the following:

- +X to radius when consuming a Frost Bolt
- Faster base cast speed for Frost Bolt and/or Vortex
- Vortexes slowly home in on enemies like Volatile Dead orbs
- Frost Bolt projectiles innately start slower then accelerate outward (to help with landing Vortexes on close range enemies), threshold jewel effect altered to something else
You ruined Vortex, plain and simple.

I lost 40k dps and 4 casts per second without changing anything, and at lvl22 Vortex has only 84% cooldown. Can only cast once per second (compared to 4.9 casts per second previously). Also, instead of being able to hold down your mouse click to continue to use Vortex, you must now click over and over and over again.

If people thought the spell was unplayable before, wait till they try it now. It's truly not even worth consideration now. I don't even think it's worth testing additional cooldown either.


How it used to work when it was a playable skill in the game:

How it works in Betrayal:
if you play vortex to spamm the upfront damage you're probably playing the wrong skill , it lacked damage with only the DoT on the patch before , I played a trickster and wanted to go vortex , then noticed cold snap deals more DoT while having a much bigger AoE and isn't centered on character

there was legit no reason to play vortex over cold snap on 3.4

now it has the biggest cold DoT out of all cold skills and there's huge amounts of cold DoT multipliers avaible
Please post new feedback for this skill gem here - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2265376
Please email support@grindinggear.com if you need any assistance!

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