Ancestral Warchief

Huh, didn't know that, thanks for the info.
Works great as a bosskiller for my FB Shieldcharge build that otherwise lacks ST damage. Pls don't nerf.
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Using this on my earthquaker as support. Very useful vs bosses i don't wanna be adjacent to. Does pretty good damage on it's own with a few supports. Great skill for strongboxes aswell. I like this skill a lot.
Insanely OP skill.
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What is this skill's base radius?
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I really enjoy it as a supportive skill for whatever melee skill i'm using. a nice side dish, if you will.

i'm tempted to try a quadtotem+ build just to see how crazy i can make them with a 6l
Played a few dedicated Warchief totem builds and must say the delay between placing a totem and them actually attacking something is way to high. Totem builds are already punished by having to place something before being able to kill anything. This delay feels like it more than halves clear speed compared to non totem builds since I have to wait for seconds to then one shot a pack.

Which is also bad - very bad - for party play. Any build will clear the screen before a Warchief totem has drawn its weapon.

I am almost sure that delay has mostly cosmetic reasons which is bad for the actual gameplay - the totems are supposed to draw out the weapon in a nice looking animation. Please accelerate this animation and reduce delay. I want my totems to kill something not watch them drawing their weapon while monsters attack me or other people already killed all mobs.

Edit : The delay is so long that I had a lot of time to even watch the AI react to totem placement which is quiet interesting. For a split second they seem to pause while deciding which enemy to focus, player or totem ( considering its an AI they pause for a surprisingly long time ).

Other than that Ancestral Warchief is quiet enjoyable as a dedicated totem build.
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MortalKombat3 wrote:
Insanely OP skill.


First, let me say what build I played. I made dual warchief totem facebreaker juggernaut. Character name: AmongalenFBThree if u want to check my build and gear.
I'd say my gear isn't super bad but it isn't great neither. At 89lvl I was still useing 4l because there was no need for an upgrade, my dmg was great. Was running t10-11 maps in 2 man party, most white/blue mobs died almost instantly to one totem, rare/bosses died to two totems in 1-2 secs. With this gear, 4l and with 8 end charges (they increase dmg from jugg) I reached over 40k (43k or something) dps per totem so I got 80-90k dps with two totems.

That being said, warchief totems are just too strong in my opinion.
Lets compere them to any aoe melee skill. A single totem have:
* higher/similar dps
* similar aoe
* small placement delay vs u need to get to every mob
* can be placed more than one!
* can tank few hits for u so u can stay back

Lets compere them to spell totems then. Warchief totem:
* 8-18% more melee dmg aura
* 110-132.8% base dmg multi (similar to most aoe melee skills so its like no dmg penalty) vs (35-26)% less Damage for spell totems
* 10% less attack speed vs 30% less cast speed
* 50% increased placement speed

Imo warchief totems are far superior to both aoe melee skills and spell totems. I won't even compere them with ancestral protector because the second is a joke.

Not sure what was the main development idea behind ancestral totems but I've thought they were meant to be more of a supporting totems, not a main dmg source.
How I see it for warchief:
* more dmg aura increased to 25-30%
* base dmg multi and/or attack speed greatly decreased so in the end, with dmg aura, tooltip dps would be about 15-20% less
* maybe add "30-40% increased totem health" so they are a bit tankier without any totem node and dont get super tanky with them

For ancestral protector:
* it needs a buff!
* double aura bonus so its worth to use it sometimes

Thanks for your time reading this post :)
The skill is good and fun to play, however it's very un-fun in a party because by the time the totem has appear and the totem-bro spawns out of it, most of the packs will already be dead...

On another note - getting CB stacks when the totems are attacking a CB Bloodlines pack - is that intentional? Seems weird that you would get CB stacks from something not you are directly doing.
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Ancestral Warchief is in a good spot right now, it allows melee builds to compete with ranged builds. Some bosses can't be done in melee range, and it allows melee builds to sacrifice some sockets to help overcome some bosses in this game.

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