Ancestral Warchief

elron wrote:
no downside at all with these builds...

You know other than garbage tier clear speed and requiring an incredibly expensive shield to maximize.
One quality of life improvement I would like to see for this skill, and other similar vaal totem skills, is an ability to distinguish between normal and vaal totems on the character buff queue in the top left.

Currently, if I have both a normal and vaal ancestral warchief out, I have no way to distinguish which totem died/expired. Most of the time this is not an issue, since vaal totem normally expires quickly and it is easy to guess which one went down. However, sometimes when a mob one shots my normal ancestral warchief, I accidentally drop a 2nd vaal ancestral warchief because I think the active vaal is the normal totem since it lasted longer. This is obviously less then ideal if I am trying to chain the vaal skill one after another on dps intensive bosses.

I see two possible solutions to this issue. Allow the duration timer to appear below totems. Change the art on vaal ancestral warchief icon to have the heart icon on it to distinguish it from the normal skill on the buff bar.

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just want to know if Close Combat Support works for Warchief. It shows up in the Tooltip picture but i dont know if it actually works
i am my own cockblock
So for cosmetics, is there a reason to really separate between the various totem types for what can be applied? I purchased the eagle guardian totem skin thinking I could skin my ancestral warchief with them, but turns out I cannot. It just seems odd to make totems have different categories for skins, especially when the ones for specific skills, are so less cool than the ones for specific skill gems.
Does %increased Damage While Leeching gives damage with Tukohama chieftain passive?
All builds:
Can I get any confirmation on if the new Chieftain passive Tawhoa will have a independent cool down per warchief totem or just 1 global cooldown?

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