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Since the wording on Drillneck is changed in 3.0 from projectile to arrow damage, does it still apply bonus damage to Shrapnel Shot's cone AOE damage ?
Learis wrote:
I'm currently level 46 and things are going swell so far. I have the core path of my tree made now, and I'm at the point where it's time to start seriously investing in stat nodes.

This is not the thread for gameplay advice :) Consider making a separate thread.

South_North wrote:
Does cyclone "cast" rolls one time for bleed or not, and if it rolls, does it apply bleed until that cast(action) has ended or it rolls change to bleed per hit it does while hitting enemies?
Usually i would go with simple logic that it applies per hit, but this is PoE after all.. :P

All on-Hit effects are rolled... on Hit. :P One roll per Hit you land.
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Vipermagi wrote:

South_North wrote:

All on-Hit effects are rolled... on Hit. :P One roll per Hit you land.

I know it may sounded a simple question but mechanics can be tricky sometimes heh..
Thanks for the answer, much appreciated. :)
Hello Mark,

I would like to know how The Flow Untethered unique belt works in cases where the gated skill's cool down is an internal cool down - For example Cospri's Malice or Triggering CoC skills / CwC skills.

Does the 40% cool down affect theses times to make them proc faster as these are internal cool downs of the items / skill and not gated cool downs? Is there a difference between internal and gated?

question about " the taming"

According to the wiki, several ignites at once are possible and stay for 4 seconds. Only the strongest Ignite does dmg.

So lets say I have 5 Ignites on a mob do i get the "the Taming effect" 5 times or only once.
The Taming only counts active Ignites, so one bonus.
I want to like this skill, and use it to kite tough mobs, but it is still broken and it use is limited to a clunky 30% movement burst, and to safely trigger boxes (which are nice options to have, but not enough to justify it taking up a valuable gem socket).

Prior to 3.0, I could lay a smoke mine and right away teleport to a previously placed mine, while the newly placed mine was still arming, and without the new mine being triggered and consumed. It was a great mechanic to kite tough mobs, teleporting back and forth, and provided some utility to this rarely used movement skill.

At the start of 3.0 smoke mine was changed, a previously laid smoke mine would not detonate if a recently laid smoke mine was still arming. This effectively erased its ability to be used to efficiently kite tough mobs. This bug has since changed and now (Aug 28, 2017) when a smoke mine is laid, while it is still arming you can trigger a previously placed mine, but it also triggers the still arming mine too, causing you to teleport to the previously placed mine for a fraction of a second before teleporting you right back to the mine you just laid and the spot where you were trying to escape from.

Please fix it to its pre-3.0 behavior, where you could lay a mine, and trigger a previous mine while the one at your feet was still arming.

As a bonus, if you could also remove the line of sight requirement, that would be great.

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I'm not sure if this is the place to put this, but when I load the game it is completely glitched where I can only see menus and places. I can load it and log in but I won't see walls, players, or npc's. I have uninstalled and reinstalled a couple of times. I have also uninstalled/reinstalled steam. I have "verified the game files" and none of it has worked. This only happened with the new update and only POE and not other games. Any suggestions?
Vipermagi wrote:
South_North wrote:
Does cyclone "cast" rolls one time for bleed or not, and if it rolls, does it apply bleed until that cast(action) has ended or it rolls change to bleed per hit it does while hitting enemies?
Usually i would go with simple logic that it applies per hit, but this is PoE after all.. :P

All on-Hit effects are rolled... on Hit. :P One roll per Hit you land.

Cyclone isn't very intuitive there, due to how it works with crit.

Speaking of crit, I'm absolutely confused by bear trap. On the one hand it counts as a spell for the sake of gruthkul's pelt, on the other hand it isn't affected by spell crit increases. Which is pretty weird. My question: Are both of these intended or is one of them a bug?
I make dumb builds, therefore I am.
Irimae wrote:
I'm Playing Guardian and with the Unwavering Faith node it says that Auras add 1% physical reduction and .2% Life Regen.
However I use two curses on Blasphemy which states that it turns Curses into Auras. However with this transition it does not add the bonuses from Unwavering Faith for the Blasphemy based curses. Is this intended even though Blasphemy states that it turns Curses into Auras?
It specifically says that the auras grant those bonuses to you and allies. Neither you nor your allies are affected by those curse auras, so they cannot grant stats to you. an aura has to affect you to give you stats.

Wampey wrote:
I was advised to ask here by I was wondering if a list could be provided of what bosses can and can not be knocked back? My build worked mainly around knocking back bosses, but atlas I can't do that to all bosses. So far, it seems Vaal Oversoul and Izaro can not be knocked back. Are there others?
This is not a simple question to answer, and I can't provided a comprehensive list. There are multiple different ways things might not be able to be knocked back, some of which aren't always in effect and some of which are. These can often be applied in different ways, making it dificult to work out an exact list of what does or doesn't meet one of the ccriteria.

Some monsters have a stat which prevents the player moving them - this affects knockback, but also things like Vaal Lightning Warp. This is generally given to mosnters either because they aren't representing actual monsters, but immobile objects, or because the monster needs to be able to rely on it's own movements succeeding for it's fight to work. Izaro, the Vaal Oversoul, and Dominus's second form are all examples of the later, while things like Piety's transformation portals, various objects in Izaro's fight variations, or Arakaali's eggs are examples of the latter.

In addition, the Fall of Oriath expansion included several bosses, such as Arakali and Kitava, which are much larger than the game's maximum object size. One of the restrictions which allows those monsters to work is that they can never move, for any reason. Thus any of those "extra-large" monsters are inherently not knockbackable.

The Goddess of Judgement cannot be knocked back because she doesn't have her own position that can be moved - she's attached to Izaro. Currently she's the only case in the game of a monster attached to another monster, but that won't always be the case.

Also, some skills prevent the user being knocked back or otherwise moved during their execution, because they can't work correctly otherwise. Obviously any monster using such a skill can't be knocked back while using that skill.

From a lot of research and asking around, I came up with the following list of actual boss monsters which can't be knocked back, but it should not be considered comprehensive:
  • Arakaali
  • Kitava, and his hearts
  • Avarius's Statues
  • Dominus's second form
  • Vaal Oversoul
  • the large Harbinger portal
  • All Harbingers
  • A couple of specific things summoned by Talisman effects temporarily
  • Piety
  • Lunaris and Solaris (celestial forms)
  • The ambush versions of Maligaro, Shavronne, and Doedre, which appear and attack, then disappear, while you progress through their areas.
  • Rigwald

I've excluded from this list things which aren't part of a boss fight or are obviously not conceptually a "monster" that could move around, and therefore be moved around.

SirDragos wrote:
Vortex says "Modifiers to Spell Damage apply to this skill's Damage Over Time."

Doe this mean that ANY DoT effect created by the skill is modified by spell damage or just the AoE ground effect it creates?
Prior to 3.0.0, Vortex (and a few other spells) said the text you quoted, and this did indeed apply to any damage over time caused by using the skill.
In 3.0.0, that stat now says "Modifiers to Spell Damage apply to this Skill's Damage Over Time effect", and refers only to the specific damage over time effect the skill applies, not to any other DoT that might occur when you use it.

Ahtras wrote:
The Saboteur node Demolitions Specialist has the following lines:

20% increased Mine Laying Speed if you Detonated Mines Recently
40% increased Damage if you Detonated Mines Recently

Can I take the "you" as an indicator that these won't work with Spell Totem - Detonate Mines?
Yes. If the totem detonated mines, but you didn't, you won't get the bonus.
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