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Draal8 wrote:
I was planning next league build with my mate and i was wondering if dominating blow would revive the ennemy two times if we use the same skill (can't seem to find the info on the wiki nor on the forum) ? Or if, as i think, would revive it under the control of the last to hit the mob ?

Dominating Blow is getting reworked and will not revive enemies next league.
Does anyone know if the Sentinels from the revamped Dominating Blow will count as minions?

Like, can I stack minion damage nodes and use Necromantic Aegis with them?


Also wondering what weapons it will work with? unarmed?

Edit 2:

Will the max number of Sentinels increase as you level the gem?

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I have a question about the Freezing Pulse (FP) mechanics concerning its chance to freeze (CTF).

FPs innate CTF of 25% decreases as the projectile travels. Is this decrease also applied to additional CTF the skill might get from passives, support gems, etc?

If so, I would like to know how the skill interacts with targets afflicted with the Frostbite curse. Is the CTF of Frostbite added to the CTF of FP and then the decrease is applied?

Thanks and Cheers
Does anyone have clarification on the following interaction:
Does action speed increase, for example gained by the slip stream aura effect, affect cooldown recovery? (action speed increase is a buff from harbinger of time if you have the flow untethered belt equiped or from accelleration shrine)

The background is that if I use The poets pen or Cospris Malice and adjust my attack speed perfectly to proc the socketed spells (a bit under the aps threshold) and I gain the action speed buff, I will be above the APS threshold and skip procs of spells in those weapons. However, if action speed affects cooldown recovery, I could still be procing shortly after a cooldown expired even though I attack faster.

Does anyone have experience on that or could Mark provide some insight?
Thanks in advance! :)
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Question: How are uber trials spawned in maps? Does the chance of an uber trial spawn independently of any other core game league mod? What if you have a prophecy for a trial? Conversely, does another propehcy proc'ing in a map affect uber trial spawn rate? What about temp league mods, zana mods, sextants, elder/shaper influence, do they have any effect on uber trial spawns?

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Does the new Infernal Blow still deal secondary damage on the explosion? Or is it attack damage now? If it is, how does it roll accuracy?
I'm trying to understand how The Three Dragons works with chill and freeze and if I should be using a Hypothermia support while wearing a three dragons.

The Three Dragons states "Your Cold Damage can Ignite but not Freeze or Chill" and "Your Lightning Damage can Freeze but not Shock" so from what I under stand that is that you can't chill. At the same time freeze also seems to mean that the enemy is chilled. The wiki states "When a target is frozen, it is also chilled for the entire freeze duration" so does that mean enemies are chilled only when they are frozen and you can't chill them any other way or does it mean that while using The Three Dragons enemies are not chilled even when frozen?
Questionabout ignites:

Let's say we have a 1000 base damage hit that ignites, on an enemy with 50% fire resistance.

Is the ignite calculated:

a) Hit gets reduced to 500 damage, therefore your ignite is (500*0.4) damage per second.


b) Hit "hits" for 1000 damage, therefore your ignite is (1000*0.4) damage per second. Then both get reduced by 50%.

Well, basically. I know that resistances affect how much ignite damage ende being dealt to the monster, but I want to know whether resistances actually play a role in the calculation of said ignite.


Why the phasing can´t be activate with arc trap if I have a hypnotic jewel with 5% chance to phasing?
Atohs wrote:
Why the phasing can´t be activate with arc trap if I have a hypnotic jewel with 5% chance to phasing?

Because "on kill" effects only trigger if you got the kill. Traps/Mines/Totems/Minions are not you.

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