[2.6] Mzticc's Indepth Kinetic Blast/Barrage Pathfinder Guide - Oneshot Screen clearing

hi man do you think this build can do uber atziri also as CI or even life?

would you tweak anything here after 2.6? (i do not mean the tree)

yes, you should be able to kill uber atziri with it as CI/Life - depending on your Wand.
the new "The Wise Oak" Flask is OP. make sure your lightning resistance is the highest. you can get a talisman that converts 50% cold/fire to lightning damage taken. whichever is lower.
I'm interested in making my 2nd character a KB wander, so far I got

I may be going off the railroad tracks from guide because ,my intention for the build is to farm strand all day. I was thinking of doing a non-crit elemental overload build with thunderfist gloves but choosing an ascendency is making me really crazy about which one would be best for what I want.

Pathfinder is fine and dandy but I have no flasks to support it well. If I had a dying sun and the like, I would pick this. Also being life based makes my choice in flasks a bit more limited in case I need one for a life flask.

Deadeye provides free chain so I don't have to use pierce or pierce nodes as well as +1 projectile and decent aoe. This would open up a socket which might be fantastic for phys to lightning gem or added cold gem. The chain would provide one shots of packs most likely.

Raider goes super fast which helps a ton with low mobility Wander. At 9 frenzy charges, the attack speed goes through the roof at 103% increased atk speed at 9 frenzy charges (darkray vectors, with onslaught, no tree involved) and movement speed about the same %. You can kinda imagine why this is a pretty tempting with king of the forest as well. I saw a neato devoto's helmet with kb enchant and 20% movement speed which I think would make the movement speed as raider over 300% at least.

They're all so tempting to pick but you might notice I'm leaning towards one.

Any suggestions on ascendency for non-crit kb wander? Are the thunderfists overkill on giving a 5l and 1-100 lightning damage or if there's a better replacement? Last question for now because I'm rambling; Would elemental overload's 40% more elemental damage be suffice to somewhat bridge the damage gap between crit and non-crit?

What do you think.
Should I buy Shavrone 5L and go to LL first or should I buy Dying Sun and stay on CI?

My current gear:


@freecel, dying sun raises your barrage dps from 4 to 7 projectiles. so by 75%
other auras can't beat that and you have still much to improve via shavs.

on the other hand when buying shav 5L now you dont have to wait soo long to buy a dying sun. and dying sun will drop in the following weeks in price. remember when carrying shavs you will drop usually in ES (although ur 6L atm is shit in terms of ES) so you need better other gear to compensate. for example the ES of your boots and helmet is also very bad and easy to acquire more

both ways are legit.

@justinasia, atm im doing theorycrafting calculations for this case. i will build an elemental overload wander because i think investing crit in tree is a waste and the outcome is more or less the same (will provide numbers soon, maybe a separate guide). very difficult situation to make this life viable because you usually need Life on every piece of gear... but i will think about it.
for the moment i dont have the feeling raider is superior to pathfinder for example. deadeye is crap, dont use it. you dont need stuff which helps you with clearspeed, you just need stuff which makes your barrage better because KB is godly for clearing anyway.

takehome message: elemental overload is totally underrated and crit as non-assassin is usually not better (unless you have ultra-GG gear with very high crit (+multi) rolls)
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I'm very curious what you find about Elemental Overload, Im playing a LL Raider version with Crown of Eyes and even with Crit Strikes gem + Power Charges my crit chance is only around 55%. Although my wand is not the best:

Path of building says elemental overlord is ~21% dps increase with my current setup so I'll give it a shot. The nicest thing about it is freeing up 4 passive points imo.

What would your 6th link be as EO? Lightning Pen or Pierce for the multiplier?
im currently using
works fine upfrontdamage is pretty nice, but tbh
with the decay eventhough i have no scaling works a lot better the upfront dmg is lower but the decay rotts everything to death very quickly. I Kb and doesnt matter what you hit or where he goes he will die anyway the decay is dealing a 3rd of my hideout tooltip.

should i try to aim for a flat ele wand or still search for one with decay option?
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can someone post good leveling uniques?
Looks like a really fun build to play. Thanks for putting in the time and effort to write such a good build guide. I'm playing Assassin in 2.6 at the moment and was thinking of changing to this build.

In a new league would you recommend going Life based or CI?

Also do you have a tree for Assassin?

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chapelle wrote:
can someone post good leveling uniques?

Unfortunately I sold some other stuff. One noteworthy wand is Twyzel.

Apart from Tabula that stuff is really cheap. Not needed though. Most important in my opinion is the wand.

Edit: Carnage Heart increased in price. you might wanna take something else, I merely had it for the stats and the extra gore :D
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Hey is this hardcore viable? And how do you deal with reflect?

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