<Malicious Empire>SC Temp League Guild Recruiting All Players!

Social end game progression guild recruiting members to join our close-knit guild. We are building a community of players to create a lively, friendly, and helpful environment. We share league content resources, crafting benches, Uber trials, and maps while providing any advice or in game help to one another.

Post with the following questions answered
Game experience:
Reason for wanting to join:
Any additional information/comments :

Spots are limited so please fill out the information to the best of your ability.

Although not required, we use Discord to share outside game knowledge such as Reddit posts, YouTube videos, build guides or any other interesting topics. It's a great place for open discussion not restricted to player time zone. Voice communications are always a big plus since it builds a stronger community and create rapport among our members.
That being said, we still often banter in guild chat so both options are available.
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Age: 23
Game experience: I have a inquisitor lvl 69 but i didnt enjoy that build so i tried some others build but didn't like to others either. Now ended up with a doomfletcher prism build what i really enjoy.
Reason for wanting to join:
I'm already looking for a while for a guild that also have active voip communication.
And i like to play together in a group.
IGN: SlamDancee
Game experience: Have been playing off and on since closed beta.
Reason for wanting to join: Looking for a group of like-minded individuals that want to enjoy endgame PoE. Want a helpful close community to play with.
Add me in game! Currently looking for a long term group!
My character name is Vindicious.
Added everyone so far
Game experience: Been playing since beta on an off again mainly play SC seasons
Reason for wanting to join: Looking for a guild so I can expand my horizon and at the same time help the community in anyway shape or form that I can ingame.
Very nice people in the guild! hope that we get some more EU players to :)
Age:18 years of age
Game experience:Been playing off and on , but not really getting to end game maps
Reason for wanting to join:I really started liking the game , and honestly most of the time i've quitted because I don't enjoy playing alone.So the reason I want to join is to have people to play with , map with and overall have fun with.

Edit:By the way, i am at work for the moment. (if this info is even needed , lol)
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