<Malicious Empire>SC Temp League Guild Recruiting All Players!

IGN: jumponbed (account name) _necrospecter_ character
Game experience: been playing since 2.0
Reason for wanting to join:need a group to map and talk about the game with
Any additional information/comments : very active on discord
IGN: EssentileDisfunction
Game experience: Played off and on since Beta (beta was under a different account)
Reason for wanting to join: Last guild stopped playing and tired of Pugging.
Any additional information/comments : Can do discord, but I prefer playing over talking.
IGN: Elinari_Harvest
Game experience: Played since game came out.
Reason for wanting to join: Last guild stopped playing and looking for one that is active.
Any additional information/comments :
IGN: TrappedHereOnEarth (Lighting Trapper)

Age: 31 (02/05/89)

Game experience: I started playing Path of exile in Jan 2013 a bit after beta started i don't believe i have missed a league since my highest character has been 92 or 93 my focus this league is to get my first level 100

Reason for wanting to join: I have always played alone i want to see what its like to play with other people and build relationships. It seems a guild is the best way to do that

Any additional information/comments : I have discord(very active) and i am always down to play as long as i don't have something IRL that is pressing and i also want it to be clear while i have a very good idea of how path of exile works i still have a lot of learning left to do as everything i have learned has been self thought and i may have a lot of stuff wrong.
IGN: CastSpec
Age: 31
Game experience: Been playing since 2013, league-only. Skipped last league and now I'm back for Harvest!
Reason for wanting to join: Looking for a community of friendly players who enjoy playing with others. Also would like to learn from other experienced players and be able to help newcomers as well.
Any additional information/comments : I'm located in Canada EST timezone, and usually play about 20 hours a week. Thank you for your consideration!
Last edited by Castellani on Jun 20, 2020, 12:59:15 PM
Game experience: Since beta
Reason for wanting to join: Looking for a chill environment where I can learn
Any additional information/comments : located in Michigan. Baby on the way so I will be very active

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