<Malicious Empire>SC Temp League Guild Recruiting All Players!

IGN: xxxDeathsShadow
Age: 25
Game experience: started playing around march, 2015
Reason for wanting to join: Playing solo can get kinda boring
Any additional information/comments : I've been playing solo for a while and wanted to try out joining a guild to see how it would be.
IGN: FortranC
Age: 21
Game experience: I have been playing on and off since 2013 but I'm still kind of a noob lol.
Reason for wanting to join: The new challenge completion rewards of the league look awesome and want to complete my character toward end-game as soon as possible, so I'm searching for players to share and help each other on that same goal.
Any additional information/comments: I do seldomly go offline for a few days due to a busy life schedule, so please be aware of that. Also I can mediocrely participate in guild chat, but I don't wish to talk in discord unless I'm the one listening.
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Game experience:5temp leagues
Reason for wanting to join:fun team help
IGN: Intimemyfriend
Age: 28
Game experience: 2 leagues on console, hit 92. First time on pc
Reason: Game is most fun when discussing and helping out others. Also could use help with endgame mecanics
IGN: FireRigby
Age: 27
Game experience: Started in 2013, but been active only the last 5ish leagues
Reason for wanting to join: Not playing alone, want a guild to hangout, share challenges and helping each other
IGN: Coburg
Age: 30
Game experience: playing since harvest, farthest I got is killing Sirus on A8 (Delirium)
Reason for wanting to join: just looking for some social engagement in game
Any additional information/comments : I watch Bob Ross to relax

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