<Malicious Empire>SC Temp League Guild Recruiting All Players!

IGN: Cruptioxs

Age: 21

Game experience: I have been playing on and off since 2017. Leveled many characters to maps but rarely tried to push further into endgame. Recently though i've been really getting into the mapping process. I play almost exclusively SC Leagues. Also i try to be active daily.

Reason for wanting to join: I've never been in a guild before and i'm just looking for a nice community to share experiences with.
IGN: ChrisLatte
Age: 34
Game experience: Standard
Reason for wanting to join: help with quests
Any additional information/comments :
IGN: Seraph_Mercy

Age: 23

Game experience: 2K+ hours played
Abyss/Betrayal/Synthesis/Legion/Metamorph/Delirium and now Harvest leagues

Reason for wanting to join: Wanting to get more into group play mostly playing as an aura/curse bot but can be flexible, this would be my first time joining a guild and not just playing solo

Any additional information/comments : I occasionaly make my own builds for my own enjoyment to see what works and what doesnt (See my character: Harvest_Seraph_SSF)
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IGN: Kulmedminor
Age: 27
Game experience: Played since Beta
Reason for wanting to join: I miss guild chat and # is just not what i'm looking for :) Also might need some guidance with some things.
Any additional information/comments : Played on and off for several seasons. Never really made it to end game but might give it a real try this season!
IGN: Duko_Von_Darkmoor
Age: 29
Game experience: Playing my first character on POE
Reason for wanting to join: Looking for people to play with. To also learn as I play, i'm not 100% sure on how endgame works. Looking for a good group of people to play with i'm started to get hooked.
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