<Malicious Empire>SC Temp League Guild Recruiting All Players!

Game experience:
Since bestiary I played every Temp League till at least 90.
Last 2 leagues I did 36 challenges.

Reason for wanting to join:
I played with a few rl friends in the guild I'am in right now but they quit super fast since last league making me play alone most of the time.
I kinda miss guild chat / discord and Group play.
IGN: VCHarvest
Age: 27
Game experience: I've been playing consistently since Perandus, but I've been around since the beta
Reason for wanting to join: Looking for an active group of players to talk to in-game
Any additional information/comments : I'm just looking for a chill place to hang around in during my gaming hours.
Game experience:playing for a few years now around 1130 hours total
Reason for wanting to join: Im looking for a chill community, wanna chat with people because playing solo gets boring sometimes
Any additional information/comments : I'm always up for helping other people!
Game experience:playing since delve league Nov 7, 2018
Reason for wanting to join: i would like to play with others so we can help eachother on the game
Any additional information/comments :Playing solo is very boring, and the game is always evolving, and if you have a guild evrybody can help!!!
IGN: BronzePickaxe

Age: 26

Game experience: Played off and on since ambush, I wouldn't call myself too experienced though. I generally play till mid 90s then drop out till the next league, or reroll if it's a fun league.

Reason for wanting to join: Having someone to share PoE with would be nice, plus sharing masters and the like that comes with the guild

Gateway: EU

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