<Malicious Empire>SC Temp League Guild Recruiting All Players!

IGN: MaximusTheUndefeated
Age: 30
Game experience: Above Average lol
Reason for wanting to join: Need teammates
Any additional information/comments: (:
Game experience: Iv'e been playing this game since 2013, left it for a while and just came back to it. I'm a lvl80 Ranger whos still learning day by day. Still learning and will ask a lot of noob questions so bear with me.

Reason for wanting to join: looking to join a guild that actually helps people and not just tell them to get good. Also looking to find a place where people actually communicate respectfully towards one another.

Any additional information/comments : I'm a United States Marine vet, did 3 tours to Iraq and just a mellow guy. So if you have a Veteran community that would be a big plus to join this guild. thank you
IGN: Leveration
Age: 22
Game experience: Played D3 for 3 years and decided to switch over to PoE last league and have been playing a lot since i have started
Reason for wanting to join: Looking for a good environment and chat to have alongside when i'm grinding,etc
Any additional information/comments : love crafting so would be nice to have a community to talk about it with
IGN: Arsheck
Age: 25+
Game experience: moderate
Reason for wanting to join: boredom! (not with the game just in general)
Any additional information/comments :

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