<Malicious Empire>SC Temp League Guild Recruiting All Players!

Hey guys, I am looking 2 join a guild. Are u active and taking?
IGN shadowspear
IGN: Gesteva
Age: 22
Game experience: Playing since Harvest league start. Learning a lot and playing at least 20h per week since I started. Currently max char lvl is 86.
Reason for wanting to join: Would like to make friends and discuss things ingame and engage in conversations in general.
Any additional information/comments: Would love to learn new and interesting things about this wondrous game.
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Game experience: played a alot before prophecy but took few years off due to my previous job,
ive beaten most bosses and have a lvl96 atm, trying remember how to craft and learn harvest now

Reason for wanting to join: a place i can ask questions, party up, receive/give help where i can. also not have my questions answered 100% of the times with meme answers...

Any additional information/comments : i play typically for about 2+ hours i have a job so im not on all day, but at least everyday.
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Game experience:Since3.10, I played raise spectre, spellslinger, now playing ethereal knives, highest level 83
Reason for wanting to join: I want somebody help me with this game, and help someone .Make the game better. Hope everyone love this game
Any additional information/comments : I play at least 4hrs a day
IGN: SlayerThomasz
Age: 21
Game experience: Have 217 hours & got to maps tier 15 / 16, now challenging the 4 conquerors
Reason for wanting to join: Always been playing alone, as I get into the more endgame content & get more serious into the game I would like to share my experience & get to know other people.
Any additional information/comments : I'm from EU and my timezone is GMT+1, not sure if this is to any help. I'm also online very often as I sit afk during work taking trades.
IGN: shadowspear
Age: 30

Game experience: Played POE once before for a few months with a friend, have done previous leagues

Reason for wanting to join: I think gaming is generally better when you are playing with other people.

Any additional information/comments : Currently playing from England and semi active, depending on good the game play is.

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