<Malicious Empire>SC Temp League Guild Recruiting All Players!

Game experience:Been playing regularly for the last 4 leagues.
Reason for wanting to join: I've mostly played on my own since the start. So, I'd like to find a team I can actually get to know and play with. People who can help me grow in the game, have a good time with, and where I can provide help to others whenever possible.
Any additional information/comments : I'm currently working from home, so I'm likely to be around for much of EU tz as well as US tz. Usually log in at least a couple hours a day.
Game experience:About 733 hours played on Steam, and it least double just downloading from POE
Reason for wanting to join:A community to share my time with in game
Any additional information/comments :

Age: 30

Game experience: Highest Char is a lvl 89 Necro. 742 hours played (most from a long time ago so VERY rusty) Only really played Std

Reason for wanting to join: Looking for people to chill/learn/play with.

Any additional information/comments: I will be playing every day and Like to help others where I can.
IGN: HarvestNoLuck
Age: 20

Game experience: Started during perandus leauge, my highest level is 99 across multiple characters, however I have never pushed for level 100, I also have 2000hours total playtime.

Reason for wanting to join: I'm a very active player, looking for a chill community and to help out if possible.

Any additional information/comments :
I'm active every leauge and this is my only game
Playing Path Of Exile since talisman
Game experience:About 500h, leveled up 3 characters lv87+ this league.
Reason for wanting to join: I wish to learn more about the endgame and grind lv100 with a group
Any additional information/comments :playing almost every day
Game experience:120h, returning player, level 83 cyclone slayer
Reason for wanting to join:share knowledge, helping others, or find peopleto get help
Any additional information/comments : worse skilled player ever
Game Experience: I'm level 76 and only have around 35 hours on the game as I
just recently got the game
Reason For Wanting to Join: In my short time of playing I have fallen in love with this game and I think that it would be fun to experience with other people

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