<Malicious Empire>SC Temp League Guild Recruiting All Players!

IGN: NoCashX ,current char: Dot_Dot

Age: 20

Game experience: First started playing maybe 5-6 years ago, but I have been rather on & off, coming back to play the new league or when a large expansion comes out. Overall I would consider my self reasonably knowledgeable on game mechanics and building a character up. Always looking to learn more though!

Reason for wanting to join: I've come back just recently and am looking for a good group to play with. I love reading and interacting on discord so that is probably one of my main motivations to join this guild as I saw you guys have discord! Ultimately, an active guild is what I am looking for and you guys seem like a great fit.

Any additional information/comments : Currently rocking a caustic arrow build for the start of the league! Look forward to meeting you guys if I am accepted.
IGN: Ceredorth, Current char IGN: Ainzzzzz
Game experience: have been playing on and off since closed alpha. Highest lvl I made it to was 82
Reason for wanting to join: I've come back just recently and am Looking for people to play with and run maps with.
Any additional information/comments :
Currently rocking typicaldemon's Toxic Rain/ Caustic Arrow build. Should be into mapping by the end of tonight. Looking forward to hearing from you!
Game experience: 5 leagues
Reason for wanting to join: wanna have someone to play with
Any additional information/comments :
IGN: Unluckyfish
Age: 36
Game experience: 438 hours played
Reason for wanting to join: looking for people to chill with and push end game!
Any additional information/comments : This is the way.
I'm sorry, someone poached me. Thanks anyway.
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Game Experience:I've played since blight league
Reason for wanting to join:I'm looking for active guild with discord voice comms
and teamwork is always nice

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