<Malicious Empire>SC Temp League Guild Recruiting All Players!

IGN: SkyFrosty
Game experience:Started playing in beta, and have played on and off since then.
Reason for wanting to join: Getting really into the game and figure if I don't join a guild soon i'm going to end leaving the game again, from having no one to play with.

IGN: Tonnatos
Age: 32
Game experience: POE - 1+ year. 1st game what i play was Quake 1 !) My rpg exp - Diablo(1/2/3), TQ, GrimDawn, Torchlight 1/2), etc
Reason for wanting to join: looking for friendly community.
IGN: Traptzz
Age: 28
Game experience: Have played off and on since release.
Reason for wanting to join: Looking to join a guild so I can focus on PoE. Came from a WoW/D3 heavy background, but like the ability to customize your character more with PoE.
Game experience: 3+ months
Reason for wanting to join: looking for a solid guild to run upcomming breach league !
IGN: ExiledPlokoon
Game experience:Less than a month
Reason for wanting to join: Buddy gave me his old account he never used, hopped on and loved it. Level 91 lightning arrow assassin. Still fairly new to map progression, meta builds, ect ect. I will make a new character soon but for now i'm contempt running maps and trying to progress the atlas. Looking for a chill friendly guild who is social! Hit me up in game!
IGN: Sylence
Age: 23
Game experience: I've played through all the acts and now just getting into the map system. :D
Reason for wanting to join: Looking for people to talk to while playing the game. Also looking for people to teach me ways of the maps and what is very efficient. Thank you ;D
IGN: noControlQQ

Age: 21

Game experience: Played in beta, never completed past act 2 back then. Started playing again 1 week ago and going through a4 right now trying to get game knowledge for the fresh league.

Reason for wanting to join: Looking for a community to do group content with.
Bump! Breach Hype!

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