<Malicious Empire>SC Temp League Guild Recruiting All Players!

IGN: defenseofthes
Age: 25yrs
Game experience: created account a few months before 1.0, played off and on (hc leagues only), but really picked it up in beyond. Until perandus, i hadnt done much mapping. Got several chars to 85 in perandus, and now cruising along with challenges in prophecy hc. Always pay attention to the meta stuff, state of exile, etc. Usually try to do my own things though, inspired by quirky guides and such. Looking for some buds to do maps and level with.
Gateway: Us West
IGN: Amsterdamaged
Experience:started in beta and have played off and on since. Im very knowledgeable about builds and items, but never made it to maps and endgame content. Recently played hardcore and rupped all 11 characters due to my laptop, so time for softcore! Looking to get better and help new players progress and learn.


Game experience: Some experience playing in 2014 (got a soultaker axe on a blender, moved, had my character gutted, rip.). Came back to PoE this year and I'm currently at level 91 playing an Assreacher trying to hit 100 and amass a small fortune by the end of the temp softcore league.

Reason for wanting to join: PoE gets lonely solo sometimes and always looking for advice from more knowledgeable players and I'd love to find a fun community to be a part of. Discord would be fun. c:
Bump, Remember to switch your character privacy.
Bump, So far everyone has been really nice :D
My guides:
[3.10] Broodmother Cosplay | Summon Spiders Necro | Deathless Uber | 7m Shaper DPS! https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2540439

[3.9] Indigon RF Pathfinder | Deathless Uber | ALL MAP MODS | 1M Shaper DPS https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2653996
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IGN: ManlyThrust
Age: 20
Game experience: Started in Nemsis and played on and off since then. I've been playing it a lot more recently.
Reason for wanting to join: I've been almost entirely a solo player since I began and it's rather lonely to play solo.
IGN: Tycior

Age: 27

Game experience: Played during close beta, open beta, tempest, perandus and now.

Reason for wanting to join: Challenges. Mostly because of them, but also due to friend of mine left the game so now I'm alone pretty much :(
IGN: ShieldPunch_McSmash

Age: 26

Game experience: Just started playing in Prophecy and I've really enjoyed it.

Reason for wanting to join: I had a friend who talked me into playing. His character died in HC after a few hundred hours invested and he lost all interest in the game. I'm just getting started with this game, so I'm looking for some people to game with!

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