<Malicious Empire>SC Temp League Guild Recruiting All Players!

IGN: HardiamSparkk
Age: 21
Game experience: Started playing in Perandus with a month left, got to 93 on bvortex and upper 80s on a sparker. Currently playing vaal spark.
Reason for wanting to join: My friend who I used to play with all the time quit due to burnout and I am looking for some new people to play with.
IGN: NogSteedsGeenKaasAUB
Age: 15
Game experience: I have been playing since Talisman, i have experience with most of the endgame content.
Reason for wanting to join: I get bored quite often while playing alone, also i would like to play in parties so i can try out some builds that are really bad while playing solo (aka support).
Late night bump for my EE/AUS friends
Game experience:Played briefly in open beta with prophecy being my first serious league. I do however have extensive experience with other MMOs including but not limited to: LOL, WOW, Dota AS, ESO, Wildstar, FF15 Diablo 2&3.
Reason for wanting to join: Looking for cool people to play with, ask questions too, and trade/buy/sell items to/with. From your post you seem to be the right mix of dedicated and relaxed.

P.S I plan to play mostly hardcore after I get a feel for the game with this character.

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