<Malicious Empire>SC Temp League Guild Recruiting All Players!

IGN: meguroku
Age: 32
Game experience: played on/off since ~2013, have not done any "uber" stuff
Reason for wanting to join: I want to stop solo playing 100% and try partying up, for maps for example.
Any additional information: I got a working mic and Discord/Teamspeak.
IGN: Snurriz
Age: 24
Game experience: Played the game on and off for a while. Been playing a lot in Breach league. Got myself a 92 Golemancer and a 90 KotF archer and am now leveling a Cyclone Raider. Have mostly been mapping but have done some bosses, looking to get into killing more of them.
Reason for wanting to join: Would be nice to have some sort of community to discuss things with and help eachother out.
Any additional information: I got a working microphone and Discord.
Game experience: playing since 2011 prolly 10k hours
Reason for wanting to join:looking for a guild to map with, most guilds i have been in nop one maps or plays together
Any additional information: i have discord
Age: 19
Game experience: been playing on and off since 2012
Reason for wanting to join: Looking for a guild to chat and map with
Any additional information: Can use discord
Game Experience:have played since 2012. Took a long break and looking to get back into it.
Reason:Friends are playing different games at the moment. Its always more fun to play in a group and use discord.
IGN: DaDoug
Game experience: playing sc leagues on and off for couple years
Reason for wanting to join: Like a chill guild to mess around with
Any additional information: usually play leagues for a month or two then wait on next league.
IGN: Tankederino
Age: 21
Game experience: Played on launch, been mostly inactive since. I have been learning the game essentially from scratch for the past 2-3 weeks. Currently level 87, map grinding.
Reason for wanting to join: I'm looking for a chill community to play with and help me learn more about the game. Global 820 isn't quite cutting it.
Any additional information: I've always been really into the games I play (was a duelist in WoW, diamond for multiple seasons in LoL), and I'm currently hooked on PoE. While it is true that I am new, I'm constantly researching the game looking for ways to improve and further immerse myself in the intricacies of PoE end-game. Also, I have a mic and discord.
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