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Is it exactly --experimental-frame-optimizations or -experimental-frame-optimizations , it always been 1x "-" for all type of games . And yes , do i write it in quotes?

For example - tell me the right way to : "E:\My Lovely PoE\PathOfExile.exe" "--experimental-frame-optimizations" or "E:\My Lovely PoE\PathOfExile.exe" --experimental-frame-optimizations
Thanks for help!
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PoE 2 is actually happening :D
IGniting wrote:
Is it exactly --experimental-frame-optimizations or -experimental-frame-optimizations , it always been 1x "-" for all type of games . And yes , do i write it in quotes?

For example - tell me the right way to : "E:\My Lovely PoE\PathOfExile.exe" "--experimental-frame-optimizations" or "E:\My Lovely PoE\PathOfExile.exe" --experimental-frame-optimizations
Thanks for help!

It usually doesn't matter if you use "-" or "--" for a command-line option. The proper way has always been "--", but as said it should not matter.

Quotes (e.g ") are only EVER needed when you have spaces in the path.
So both these are correct:

C:/somedir/somefile.exe --commandlineoption
"C:/some dir/some file.exe" --commandlineoption

Commandline options can't have spaces in them (since that would make no sense), so there are never ever any reason to but quotes around them.

I hope this clears things up for the not so computer savvy...
Improvement is noticeable, but not significant enough ... yet. I still see drops to single digits.
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Ty for scam <3
Game crashed several times :) Wait for stable version
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Do you plan to have meating in europe ?

yep, we have "saumagen" here, it's considered a delicacy!!
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No crashes yet. But the performance is worse then non-beta. Too much stuttering and fps drop as if waiting to load something. Is this forced on everyone at patch 2.4 or there will be an option to turn it off?
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RUNESSSSS ! Yahooooo ! Finally my requests since the beginning of PoE start to be executed.

( Sitting crossed-fingers, waiting for 2.4, and not playing till them )

( not playing because I am against the lack of support for the long forgotten, nerfed to the core, beaten in the corner Ice skills ).

( about the current patch.. I have never seen even a small change in the performance. I have 8 core cpu / 4 GHz, 32 GB RAM, 2 SSD Disks for OS and Gaming, a prety old R9 290X vga .. - a regularly PC for gaming nowdays ).
I love to spend time just discussing stuff. :)
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Well, seems that the impact of the new experimental mode highly depends on the underlying hardware, at least looking at the posts.

Got two machines on which I play PoE. My notebook and my desktop PC.

Just tried it out on my laptop (while I'm on the road atm) which has got:

i7-5600 2.6GHz CPU
NVidia GeForce 840M
512 GB SSD (liteon lmh-512v2m)
Win 8 x64

And it runs M U C H better than before!!!

Will try it out my old desktop PC when I'm back at home.
This old machine has got (but PoE still runs quite fine, but 6men party is not playable).

Intel Core2 Quad Q9550
256 SSD from Samsung (don't remember the model right now)
Palit ATI Radeon HD4870 1GB
Win 7 x64

My Internet connection: 100Mbit down / 40 Mbit up, latency to PoE gateways is around 20-30ms.
Regarding the optimization patch.
Had issues with Temple map, Zana Daily - Piety storm calls literally destroyed my framerate.
I am not sure if this has any links with the patch, but it never happened before.
Ran through couple of maps, couple of areas, couple of characters checked, improvement is noticeable.
No horrible fps single digit drops after destroying 20+ mobs at once.
Still drops on many occasions after opening a strongbox (unsure if it is actually related)
Occasional fps drops, but it feels far less consistent than before. Looks promising.
No random crashes yet, no random stuttering.
Should mention that I run at adaptive setting (half refresh rate).
Tested with no restrictions, fps runs everywhere in between 120 and 40 fps, depending on the area and density. Having it on adaptive, gives no issues and runs at constant.
Burning ground still f**s fps (also unsure if it is related)

Machine is decently outdated, but still runs fine with everything:
- AMD Athlon X4 860k quad at 3.70GHz
- GTX 650 2GB
- 16 GB DDR3 RAM (1600MHz)
- Win7 Ultimate x64 SP1

EDIT: No half refresh rate + VSync works well it seems, much better than before. Constantly runs between 50-70 fps.
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