San Francisco Fan Meet Up & Patch 2.3.3

Anyone else stuck at 0.00% download?

Anyone else stuck at 0.00% download?


Yes. me
Same. 0%, no download started :/
Wanna test, gogo GGG :)
Seemed like it worked for me after I restarted it after a few minutes.
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download is starting to work for me now after waiting a while. its insanely slow though, i should probably restart it.

edit - tried to restart it now its doing the zero no download thing rip
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rip for me too haha
ok i got it for steam, didnt read all posts, dose it require "--experimental-frame-optimizations" the -- before?
to make this all work?
0.00% Speed: 0B/s 0B / 21.53MB

Must be alot of traffic or something, it started back up but its downloading ungodly slowly.

did a speed test to make sure, yeah, not me.
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To enable this, you need to add "--experimental-frame-optimizations" to the Path of Exile command line

At the risk of sounding stupid, I don't understand what this means. Where do we add the "--experimental-frame-optimizations"



For Non-Steam Users...

In the properties Dialog of the PathofExile.exe shortcut, after the quotes, add -experimental-frame-optimizations

Make sure you only use 1 dash at the beginning, not 2 as shown in Bex's original post.

I added a screenshot to clarify what was meant.

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