San Francisco Fan Meet Up & Patch 2.3.3

MAAAAAASSSIVE improvements for me as well.

im just playing on a slightly dated gaming comp and things were really laggy with CoC spam builds and the like. now? sure there is still some hiccup because im playing quill rain CoC with GMP arctic breath/ice spear/freezing pulse, but the improvement is enormous.

before i would freeze for a good 3 seconds at times just for things to "catch up" due to the amount of spam i'd see. now, so far, i haven't dropped below 40 frames
Id like to know how to tell if you are CPU or GPU bound or whatever.. Im still updating, so haven't been able to test. I normally run the game pretty well, but on maps with a lot of ground effects, like burning or chilled, that sort of thing, its obnoxiously laggy. Fingers crossed that this resolved the issue(s) and smooths it all out!
Anyone know how much space this update requires? I've got 3.5GB available on my SSD and it seems to think that isn't enough? Is this a humongous update or what? Keep getting stuck at like 59MB of the DL but doesn't show me the full size it's looking for.
Just did a couple of aqueduct runs and crashed both times entering highgate. Hope it's not a thing.

Also, i7 3770k and gtx 670: should I test the beta?

Edit: make that 3 times, it's a thing.
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I just can't wait but the game update is not working for me 0_o.
It is downloading through steam, when full and ready I click "Launch the game" and when connecting it tells me "you need to update". Stuck to version 2.32b :/
Oh performance updates, this excites me greatly . . . really though my computer is so beefy the only real problem I have is with the latency issues. And those only really because I am a summoner. And rely heavily on Spectre's. And when I DC a half a dozen times during a play session, You see where I am going with this (Maybe Spectre saving in the future maybe yay?!).

Still though you guys are always working hard with what you got. Game is great as always, glad you never stop wanting to make it better.
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7th or 8th time, for some reason it took a lot longer to d/l and complete, and then it worked.

Great improvement (twice the lowest FPS than usual with lightning strike lvl21), i5 2500k + 2x970 GTX OC
I wish we could go since it's been a while since we went to one of these but, since it's in a bar, we can't bring the kiddo. Have fun guys & enjoy San Francisco!
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Good job,GGG
FPS Running a map without experimental performance improvements:
Minimum: 3
Maximum: 141
Average: 48.5

WITH the experimental improvements...
Minimum: 23
Maximum: 143
Average: 91.1

Shut up and take my money!!!!!

This is on Titan X SLI + 5930k @ 4k resolution
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