Preliminary Performance Improvement Results

All 'round better performance BY FAR at Vsynch 70 fps; 1080 ... but two things:

1: My CPU usage spikes pretty high sometimes (up to 65% just from POE) on a quad core 3.9 GHZ (OC) processor -- Intel

2: I feel my GFX card is still under-utilized at a petty 2GB GTX 950-oc! (Which apparently is less than what your demographic states most people play with.)

Looking forward to more optimizations for an already successful implementation!
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I'm thrilled for you and everyone in the community at the results! This is a huge leap for PoE and although everyone joining afterward won't be able to appreciate the benefits, I and everyone on now do and will!

One thing I would love to be able to differentiate between, is what's lag on my end, and what's an FPS drop due to game performance. I use wifi and although I have a 100/30M connection I know I will spike due to the nature of Wifi.

Examples of recorded gameplay on my current setup - GTX960, 4g Intel 7 not overclocked.

This looks like I'm shamelessly promoting my channel/build though I have never been able to understand the nature of my FPS drops.

Any assistance would be GREATLY appreciated.!

MusicalMind wrote:
40% of players having 8 core cpu? damn..that's nice

AMD's 6-8 core CPUs are dirt cheap - its extremely easy on a budget to find a dirt cheap CPU with 8 cores for less then $140.
The FX 8300 is 120 on newegg right now, and has 8 cores - and has been out since about 2012.

AMD is extremely generous with thier cores - while intel is extremely stingy with thiers.

granted, its not a simple comparison as core count - the IPC and HTT and such are very different between the companies, but generically speaking, its hard to find a AMD CPU without 8 cores for quite sometime, unless you go truely bottom of the barrel for a CPU.
Those are significant gains, very impressive. I mean it. Good job guys.
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I have a core 2 duo running on a mobile ATI 4650.

I use Dxtory to force CPU utilization, and the beta optimization cause noticeable improvements in performance.
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I'm not sure if it is due to my build having a lot of minions and a lot of bonuses, but my gameplay is still very choppy, even after applying the fix.

I'm using Radeon card, and I'm quite sure I'm not GPU gated. Is it possible that this is a server side problem?
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I tested it in the crematorium and it makes a huge difference.
Without the optimization the gameplay near the trial area (burning ground) is stuttering a lot. With optimization it´s fluid now. CPU usage goes up from 25% to 65% on my 4 core during heavy action but i don´t see a significant increase in temperature so it seems to work very well.
Kunaak wrote:
MusicalMind wrote:
40% of players having 8 core cpu? damn..that's nice

AMD is extremely generous with thier cores - while intel is extremely stingy with thiers.

AMD fanboi? I like my Intel and will stick to intel, I've used AMDs at work and they suck.
Please provide a way to turn this feature off when introduced, as I'm experiencing decreased performance.

AMD A8 5600K with integrated Radeon GPU cores.

Game is playable on low settings but when turning on "--experimental-frame-optimizations" the game was noticeably chunking for me. Turning the flag off and restarting resolved the issue.
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