Preliminary Performance Improvement Results

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I added " --experimental-frame-optimizations" to steam launch option, yes, including the space in front of the -

All have been stable, no crashes. Cannot say I see much difference with my Intel 5820k, 16gb ram and 2 nVidia 970 in SLI with gsync monitor.

I can mention I had 1 lagg spike for a couple seconds freeze last night, not had that the other days I played. I do not play some laggy builds.

The only lagg I can mention I have in the game is when I open the strong boxes, then there often is a small freeze when the mobs spawn.

Remember guys, the multithread feature is still considered beta, so do not expect that noone is having problems.

Keep up the good work! Its very rare a gamecompany so far in a games life make such a big change to the game engine like GGG is doing here (yes, this is a big change, not easily or quickly done)!

(yes, they are watching us, but this kind of watching is a good thing)
Quite disappointing optimizations.
Have anyone tried the burning trial? Before the optimizations I was at least in the 30fps range there. Now I get 5 - 10fps constant when standing on the burning ground.

Some maps drop my framerate A FUCKING LOT. Like phantasmagoria map. Without the optimizations I was doing fine, but now its horrible.

While, yes I do see some increases in frame rate, when you open a box or when I cast my discharge ( self cast discharge build ) but overall its worse for me. Couple of frames on discharge plus compared to massive lost in frames in some maps its just awful.
My setup is:
ATI R7 260X graphics card.
AMD 6core 6300 processor.
decent SSD on board and poe installed on it.

With my setup I can run witcher 3 on high... Crysis and all of the cool triple A titles, with no problems at all if I tune down the graphics a little bit ( set them on High with no AA). I even play Dying light on 1080p...

While, yes, my setup is totally budged build, don't tell me a game like PoE has such a high demands that I need to change my gpu + cpu to play it, while I can run anything I like on 1080p settings.

Reaaallyy disappointing from my side.
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Just to get my point across once again.... it is about freaking time!!!!!

I get a performance increase of 50% with a high-end computer. That gets me so fired up... I haven't been able to play in a 6 man party since the beta because of the game being a slide show.... outrageous
How cool is this!
Thanks for the always great feedback GGG.
I'm just as addicted to the forum as the game because of it :).
Thank you, GGG! I will test it soon. Hype is real!
By the way, can we get bad-ass graph in left top corner with some shortcut command parameter? I know, it is for developers, but it looks so cool! :D
poeFan2 wrote:
We found that users who have only two hardware threads (cores) indeed experience worse performance than before when using the new mode. Due to the nature of the improvement, it is probably necessary to only engage it if you have four or more hardware threads.
Wut? Can you provide an explanation a little more technical? I'm just curious. I'm a programmer as well, and have used threads plenty of times...there is no such thing like decrease the performance if there are only 2 wtf, it doesn't make any sense. The performance should boost with more than one thread, regardless of how many(up to the number of cores the user has).

a cpu having multiple hardware threads is not comparable to a real multicore cpu which has multiple separate cores, in the former case the cpu just simulates (creates virtual) cores which windows shows as real processor cores.

i'm not the processor expert but i remember in the consumer cpus offered there were one core cpus virtualizing another core which made them 2 core processors and 2 core processors with each core having 2 threads which made them 4 core processors.

virtual core versions are faster than the no virtual versions because for the cpu there are less context switches between different programs but multi-threaded programs still run slower on them because the cores have to share alot of hardware resources.

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Am I the only one who finds it hilarious that PoE only runs at ~80ish fps on an upper-end rig?

Don't get me wrong, the performance boost is really nice - even though I don't understand why dual core CPUs get rekt by it - but for what the game looks like there's still a long way to go.

Gogo Gadgetto-programmers! *thumbsup*
If I got a Dollar for every time PoE runs worse than Skyrim,
I could buy a rig that can run this pile of code smoothly.
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Now... Could you also fix rain affects so they don't drain most of a GPU. Seriously Dominus and Malachai are a nightmare even with everything reduced from settings textfile.

Yeah I know "Get a better PC you scrub" well you get me the money for it. My 660 performs really well, but rain does drain it's power.
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