Preliminary Performance Improvement Results

It works flawlessly for me and I am stoked to get extra performance


nice work guys.
I read on the post that you said you would be fixing some problems that include crashes and such, does that include the whole crashing instances as a whole from this patch or the ones from the new experimental preformance imporevent because ever since the patch hit I have been having constant crashes with or without it especially in the labyrinth, been trying it since yesterday but it just keeps crashing at random instances
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AMD 955
ATI 5770

I've been playing a self cast discharger this league. At times it was unplayable before the update. it was a combination of lockstep-lag spikes, and FPS drops. Actions like opening a strongbox and discharging would pause for 1 to 2 seconds. And ground effects, would reduce the baseline FPS about 50%.

Now with the new optimization the game is incredibly smooth for me. I also purchased a new router yesterday because my old one died, and that has helped my packet loss / lag spikes. I have very little stutter in normal game play, and very minimal FPS drops while hitting a huge pack. Still I only average 50-60 FPS (GPU bound there), but there is no more drops to 10-15. Which makes this game 100% more enjoyable to play.

CPU utilization without optimization was around 25-28% while I was playing.
CPU utilization with optimization is ~40-45% while playing.

GPU utilization is the same both ways.

POE is the primary game I play, at least currently, so now I can actually see the benefit in getting a new GPU. Before the optimization and seeing all the other stories of people with very nice GPUs still having issues, I was hesitant to go upgrade for what was likely a minimal benefit.
i7 6850K
2x EVGA GTX 1080 FTW

Can't "see" any improvement really. They're there according to my software but humanly speaking they're hard to see on a good computer. Mainly saw em during some Gorge runs yesterday, things seemed a bit more fluid, like not a discernable improvement in fps, but rather a nice one in frame times.
Amarantha wrote:
i7 6850K
2x EVGA GTX 1080 FTW

Can't "see" any improvement really.

i7 5960k
2x GTX 1080
Raid0 SSDs

There seemed to be no change switching it on or off, not a lot of threads were used after all.
Acutally it felt worse then before, but I guess that was just a "bad internetrouting day".
FPS still dipped to below 30 FPS on e.g. ice ground effects etc. pp. (I know this was not yet adressed, but it's a major problem after all)

GGG, I really appreciate you guys sharing the stats of the framerates with and without the performance enhancements. This really is transparency at its best, thank you!
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I'm still waiting for my quantum processor,hope it gets released soon.
Should see some improvement on minimum fps i think.
I mean reading about 3k $ and above rigs having trouble with this game?
Well done Chris.
Can you move to PoE 2 on a new engine any time soon?
Could even be cheaper than trying to sort this mess you have there for 4 years now.
Performance gain is noticeable I give you that
but no really hard improvement over messy bosses and skills. Still lagging hard
Something is fishy with the test/beta version of performance improvements.

I did some testing with and without multi-threading support and I observed the following:
- performance in town, Act 4, was worse when multi-threading (MT) support was on, the game was very choppy immediately after loading into town, noticeably more than when MT was off.
- I got higher top-end FPS with MT ON
- I got much bigger drops/fluctuation of FPS with MT ON (my FPS was between 49 and 63 most of the time when MT was off, my FPS could shoot up to 111 but also drop down to 20 with MT ON)
- my FPS was very jumpy with MT ON, almost never forming a flat line, always up and down

My computer has:
GTX 970
Obligatory useless post:

My computer has:
2 gtx 95,000 FTW edition, SLI'd graphics cards,
an i25 processor w/ 85 cores,
300 Gigs of RAM,

and this update made hardly any difference in my 650 fps...
Therefore you failed GGG.

Get real ppl.
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