Upcoming Unique Items

While our next major expansion has a focus on Path of Exile's end-game, there will of course also be an influx of new unique items as well. Today we're showing off three items you can expect to find after the update, each one designed by a different supporter!
A little mana goes a long way, and Praxis pushes the limits of just how far a little extra mana can go. By lowering costs, granting some regeneration, and refunding mana whenever you take damage, it would be hard to find a better solution to your mana woes.

The less you focus on life, the more problematic stun becomes. Eye of Chayula has long been a solution to this problem, but now it faces a challenger -- Valyrium! Now, piling on your Energy Shield will make you very resilient to stun. Just be wary of the effects of freeze...

Kondo's Pride

Running a critical strike build with a two-handed weapon can be tricky, especially when the incentives are few and far between. With traditionally low base-critical strike chances, it typically takes a lot to bring the chance to critically strike even close to the levels available to dagger and wand builds.

Kondo's Pride provides very strong incentives to dip into crit, but also provides a reason to ensure you don't rely on your critical strikes. If you crit too often, you'll miss out on that life leech! Just like the katanas that it is based on, a balance must be struck.

Finally, we have many uniques coming that are tied to our new content. Here's just a taste of one such item:
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Question : Is there a hidden downside to valyrium besides that -cold res? cause it seems almost a pretty straighforward upgrade from Chayula and pretty close to BiS.
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https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1609216 - labyrinth rework ideas/suggestions
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Great !

Also that ring, rofl.
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oh shit
That armor looks real heavy! Can't wait to try it on haha
Hell ya!
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