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Geisalt wrote:
The rings are decent and helpfull

The 2 handed sword SUCKS. Another hiltless without real benefit. 50% increased melee damage when XXX is conditionnal, so it doesnt improve the base. So... it's not powerfull.

Blind on crit is decent, but cwdt + blade vortex + blind does the same, without the crit problem.

100% bleed is cool but why the crit limitation?...

BUT WTF the base is a 5% crit! what's the fukin point?!

Kongor is far better with an elemental build...

it's better at everything.

thoses weapons are also better at everything.

Worthless 2 handed weapon, again.

If Kongor price will be below 20c - it is a very good starting weapon before getting Disfavour (6ex now ?).

Sure Disfavour is better, but it is END END END game weapon from END END END game boss...

Also linking that old 4 t1 sword and sayin its better was hilarious. No shit its better than 10c unique...
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Wiesl_1404 wrote:
ES builds now:
- have (at least) a 1.5 times higher total life pool than most life builds
- can have the roughly the same chill/freeze treshhold as life pools through Auxium
- can be immune to status ailments thorugh flasks and specific ascendancys
- can have the same, much higher stun treshhold than life builds or can become immune to stun
- can become immune to bleeding and poison DoT damage

Putting it this way is not very reasonable. Let me show:

Life builds now:
- can have the roughly the same chill/freeze threshold as ES build
- can be immune to status ailments through flasks and specific ascendancies
- can have increased stun threshold or can become immune to stun
- can become immune to bleeding

So the actual differences (that you try to make look so overwhelmingly strong) are:
- ES builds have a larger effective life pool that life-based builds
- CI builds are immune to chaos (Low life builds are not!), and thus also immune to poison

However, CI/ES builds still can't use flasks to quickly recover their ES.
Crit happens.
Dudes lookin a bit stiff in that armor. Reminds me of the knight armor from Fire Emblem
Inarion1986 wrote:
However, CI/ES builds still can't use flasks to quickly recover their ES.

You are correct, that is the only "downside" left to ES builds for now if you decide to build around the other ones (and there is always Vaal Discipline for that emergency situation)

When you eliminate all downsides only upsites are left - let's make a list of benefits for ES:
- higher effective life pool (big hits and burst are the most dangerous thing in PoE atm)
- can use more utility flasks (which are very powerfull in the current state of the game)
- much more generel fexibility with flasks over all
- can use more uniques in there builds and not feel gimped by it (access to more unique mechanics)
- can roam the passive skill tree more freely than any life build (due to ES scaling potential)
- can invest into more damage without suffering huge drawbacks
- have access to an additional "unconditional" 30% more multiplier for spells if you are going low life
- can endure much longer in difficult content even without flasks due to ES recovery mechanic

There is more for sure but that is what i can come up in 2min of thinking about it.

Now what are the upsides that only a life build can offer you?
- the use of life flasks
- cheaper to gear (but consider that getting ES gear isn't that difficult anymore than it was before)
- easier access to armour and evasion, dodge and block (ES builds can get this too with investment)
- significantly better for going Iron Will
- Blood Magic
I just hope the people that bitch about the power of new uniques by comparing them to Disfavour are never, ever allowed to design anything.
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Praxis ring, yummy
I don't like the Lab, but I put up with it because I need ascendancy points -_-

Betrayal is bad
Delve is good
Synthesis is a buggy, tedious, and unrewarding mess
Wiesl_1404 wrote:

Kondo's Pride:
Cool concept and a nice stepping stone for two handed builds which transition to endgame - it will never be a top tier frequently used sword i feel. The no leech mechanic on crit is brutal and not endgame viable. I can only imagine a 2h crit cyclone build with life gain on hit with it to circumvent the downside.
The problem with 2h builds is... Atziri's Disfavour is most likly BIS if you don't have a mirror worthy weapon on your hand. And yay - there is another problem... being melee.

dps is insanely weak too, without benefit, blind is cool but it's easy to get it if we really want it.
I will never be good but always I try to improve.
that armor looks INSANE
Archwizard wrote:
I just hope the people that bitch about the power of new uniques by comparing them to Disfavour are never, ever allowed to design anything.

I can't believe the one time I actually open up the official forums again; first thing I am greeted to is people shit talking uniques not being OP OP. People aren't over this yet?
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well i dont see any of these unique will be good on any build ...

Ring + Amu are mostly your only sources for dmg and %es with +1 curse Chayula or skyforth you are stun immun... RIng only good for fresh league and super low Budget builds

Mana Ring same like above... the only players who might use it are Mom users, which means they are spell caster and - 4-8 mana is nothing when the spell cost 50++ Mana each xD

and the other stats are Meh

no idea on sword never tried a melee skill and i dont plan to do it either, but no LL with Crits hurts ALOT , maybe with high % life reg and aim for 30-50% crit ?
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