Upcoming Unique Items

I like the mana ring.
3 chaos thread.....

have fun
learning is a painful process ... knowledge is the most deadly weapon.
Its not very promising when you say the next patch will be focused on end game and then show vendor trash uniques...just saying.
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Our maps are high rolled...<High®>
Rly nice.
Do we have any idea when 2.4 is out?
when the announcement of the new league? =)
Say what again. SAY WHAT AGAIN! I DARE YOU! I DOUBLE DARE YOU, MOTHE**UCKER! Say what one more god damn time!
Okay I like the "Kondo's Pride" weapon. But the unique rings can go. What could I possibly ever use those for? At level 22 i could find tons of better rings at that stage. -40 to cold resist? Are you kidding me! what a joke. LOL. Nice art for a collection, but that is all they would be good for.
trying to get dead game hyped! GL GGG!
Ziggy's belt is so much cooler than any of these...

Not to be a dick, but someone actually paid money in order to be able to design these? Why didn't they actually design something more interesting then, or were these just the few that were chosen by GGG to actually make it in game, and they chose poorly?

As far as my RNG goes, I feel like a magnet for vendor-uniques, and that's all I'm seeing here, more trash to clog up my stash until I sell it.

Please add some worthwhile uniques to the game, or lower the drop rate on trash like this, because it's actually depressing when you find stuff like this all the time, yet never any big money drops.
Great. These elements are really interesting.

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