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lol Valyrium is garbage tier compared to eye of chayula (which is not top tier to begin with)

-40% cold resist? have fun ripping because you didn't want to get stunned.
new items for nothing ....
Are people actually saying that Valyrium isn't a good ring ROFL. Will it even be possible to get stunned using that thing as CI
Okay I like the "Kondo's Pride" weapon. But the unique rings can go. What could I possibly ever use those for? At level 22 i could find tons of better rings at that stage. -40 to cold resist? Are you kidding me! what a joke. LOL. Nice art for a collection, but that is all they would be good for.

Lol bro, there is a reason skyforth is so freakin expensive.. "stun treshold on mana" this overpowered, and now we get this ring,that has stun treshhold based of ofenergy shield ? WUUT THAT IS OP man

with skyforth u hit around 1000-1200 mana like standard with any form of build without think about mana that much, multiply that with 5, stun treshhold is now the same as 5-6000 life.. wich is rly rly good allready

now with this new ring, the stuntreshhold is now based of of energy shield, and as ci it is not hard to gain 10k + energy shield without any effort, and now that u dont need skyforth anymore, even more es gained there, with rare boots or steppan eard-

so stun treshhold is now easily based of of 10-24k energy shield. means, u prolly cant be stunned anymore (ofc u can, but dayum so op)

that ring will change the whole ci meta, cuz it prolly wont be expensive, looking at the lvl etc

and the -40 cold res, isnt max cold res, so it is np, lightning coil isnt a problem to make up for 60 less light res, so why should 40 cold res be a problem.??
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wow :D
Kinda glad that people are dissing on the new sword unique, I really want to make a Slayer Lacerate build outta it and see where I can go with it, so the build can be even cheaper.
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