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Lextra wrote:
Nelfor wrote:
Lextra wrote:
"Hey lets make a crit sword, with 5% crit."

Said nobody ever. You either go full crit or you go home. There is no middle-ground. Especially not for meele.

Well, thats 4 wasted affix and 1 wasted implicit.

The lack of creative thinking is strong with this one... And the same goes for many others.

That sword is very interesting to say the least. Although, voidheart could still make it useless. Please, just please get rid of voidheart.

Lack of creativity? How creative can a meele crit build with a 5% crit 2H sword get?

Well, I usually play as a spellcaster, but I can tell you that the addition of Elemental Overload (which is similarly tied to crit, but doesn't involve building tons of crit) and the builds that use it shows that yes, you can use crit without going all-out crit (and most spells have just the same 5% base crit). There's no reason why the same can't be true for melee.
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That two handed sword is gonna be used just as much as that es ring (IMO)
not impressed :(
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I believe most of us expected something in the lines of - chaos damage does not bypass energy shield (Since shavrone is not really common you know).
Wonder whose wearing that armor xd hype is so effin real
How will Kondo's Pride interact with the Bloodlust Support gem? Does the skill will still be unable to cause bleeding, even on critical strike?

armor look a bit top heavy, but at least it has pants !!

stun ring is oki'sh i would still prefer the eye, for stun immunity, as 1 ring can provide so much, and this only increase the threshold.

sword tho - wow, that is so shit for crit build, unless runing a life on hit, it will be pretty much useless for crit builds.
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First ring looks like a really good leveling uni.

The second ring is a ring slot solution to stun for ci.

That sword is dumb. No one will go crit with 5% base crit and no leech is killer for any reflect map you run. People will just go RT and use the high damage which makes the rest of the affixes worthless. The only cool interaction with that sword would be running with someone that is bleeding for you to get the bleed effect on the sword and run bloodlust but 50% increased is nothing compared to the %ipd you get on the tree.

The Concept art looks fucking sweet keep that shit coming
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I love the pose the guy in the picture has.
He knows he can't move around for shit ^^
His facial expression looks so fed up xD
Three things:

- Valyrium looks really strong. I think it is still balanced.

- The Katana does A LOT of damage. It is probably a bis unique for sword users

- The Armor looks kinda... What is this thing in front of it for? To put my penis to rest??

Oh, and btw.: Open your minds folks. There are people playing things that are neither a crit NOR a non-crit build. You can also play a style where bleeding is the main criteria and you just take any crit you might get in between as a bonus....
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