2.4.0 League Crafted Items

unless this has no RNG what so ever stop calling this shit crafting, dropping exalts on items IS NOT CRAFTING.

for fucks sake, you guys are so on point with all the other terms in the game except this one.
PoE 2 is actually happening :D
Sweet. Can't wait.
looks potentially fun, could go either way, the specter of warbands still lingers in the mind. Sounds partly like an idea scrot had to essentially make unique mods be on random rare items, I +1ed the hell out of that idea because its awesome, and this looks like it might be along those lines so potentially super hyped to see it.

Dro28 wrote:
LostArtz wrote:
Are they like Warbands mods? Because if they are....

Then no thanks

Ya, heres warbands from my perspective, as someone whos played like 12k hours of poe, probably puts in 5x as many game hours as a normal player. Warbands has been in the game for a year, Ive come across a lot of them in various ways, identified every blue item that has dropped.... never found 1 single blue warbands item, ever. Not 1 SINGLE ITEM in a year of them being around. K.

So if I did find one what would happen is I would alt it, regal it, and then vendor it because it would be fucked. Now if I did this 30 times and then had about 30x as many exalts as I usually do I might be able to make 1 'ok' item from a warbands mod. So you would need to up the drop rate of warbands blue items until I actually find one of them, then multiply it by 30, then multiply exalt drops by 30, and then maybe the idea of warbands dropping blue mod items might make sense. Thats literally how absurdly stupid warbands and crafting in general is.

Depends how these things are obtained. Is it like a perandus enchanter we find in the wild? Does it exist outside of orbs? If the idea is that we actually use orbs on items and you dont drop at least 10x as many exalts as usual, no one will be able to craft anything at all and the entire league will be a waste of time. The reaction you are seeing in this thread is mostly because no one crafts, 10x sounds ridiculous, but not as ridiculous as expecting anyone to be able to craft something with anything short of 10x the amount of currency we usually have. Realistically if you want us to craft in the actual league then 20x, 30x as many exalts are needed, literally that many more or its impossible for 99% of the player base to do anything at all.

Right now Im hyped about it, I love the look of it, but I feel like the most I can probably hope for is to buy in trade some of these items and take them back to standard league, then spend 5k hours grinding this game for the next year+ to drum up enough exalts to attempt to even craft 1 of these things. I have a horrible feeling it will be 2018 before I actually start crafting any of these items im finding in a 2016 crafting league because thats the sort of time periods it takes for a player as poor as me to get enough currency to craft something atm. By poor I mean for every 100 players playing this game theres probably 1 guy who has more wealth than I do, thats the kind of poor scrub I am. Everyone reading this post who is part of the other 99 ppl is probably thinking fuck crafting its bullshit and fuck this league on the back of that.

The league should be particularly exciting for players who enjoy crafting rare items
What about those that don't? Or rather, can't afford to? ._.
That wand though, sick. Really looking forward to this next league.
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neoc666 wrote:
The Standard whining in this thread is hilarious. You don't even know what is coming, yet you are so afraid of another round of devaluating your "hard earnt" Standard stuff nobody cares about but you. They should never have made legacy gear. The more legacy stuff in Standard, the more whining when new stuff comes close to it.

Sorry buddy but you don't get the point. Most of us standard players are able to oneshot EVERYTHING in this game. The reason why we are not hyped is not because we are afraid of another round of devaluating our "hard earnt" Standard stuff. We are not hyped because that whole thing would not change anything. Once you are able to oneshoot everything there is no point in getting bigger numbers, therefore the whole "new" items bs is completely pointless. But I guess for some poor templeague scrubs it could be great to finally become able to kill uber for the first time thanks to higher numbers. rofl
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It really boils down on how we are supposed to craft these.
If Labyrinth enchants are any indicator plus how extremely powerful the mods combination could become, I guess this crafting will be beyond a rng wall that will make the GOT wall look like a toy item in a children sandbox.

Like, you need to use top tier rare equipment, several exalted orbs, the mods are totally rng and of course if you use an orb of scouring, you will wipe out the rare mods as well. Not only that you will never ever get your wanted combination of mods, you will destroy all your top gear along the process and blow out your currreny too.

Or how about: you need to be level 100 to perform this crafting and to avoid flooding the market with such powerful items, the last XP penality gets doubled. Come on, the user base complained about that the game is not hard core enough anymore, right? ;-)
herflik wrote:
Really bad move from GGG.
Bad because it is league and not main game (hate the whole concept of league in PoE, it screw up the game more than help it since who sane want to play from scrach each few months?).
It will turn the whole economy upsidedown, all items that were BIS for you are no longer BIS since new mods are more powerful.
Additionaly we get even more power creep.

Leagues are infuriating. Starting over, segregated player base, hardcore/standard apartheid. AS A REGULAR PLAYER I CAN'T TAKE USING THE NON-HC RESTROOM ANYMORE. SIT-INS - WHOS WITH ME!??
As someone who has watched streamers and friends get Exalts and big-ticket items daily, while I get the RNG equivalent of a welfare check(have never gotten and EX or anything even close to worth an EX as a drop), all I see here is stuff I'll never be able to afford to craft, nor probably buy til near the end of the league.

Is there any chance of drop rate changes, or more ways to make money if you're unlucky, etc? Some games have ways to help with the grind if you aren't super lucky, but so far my experience in POE has been, "everyone else is super lucky and can afford anything they want, but no matter how many hours you grind, you cannot."

If these are just crafted like anything else, I foresee a league where I have to grind 60-80 hours a week just to attempt to find gear for the new "end-game" content.

Please either address the glaring issue of POE.trade being a crap system, or give us some shortcut features like Perandus, not everyone is lucky enough to get rich enough to actually craft anything...or buy anything. I really don't enjoy having to spend hours messing with Aquisition and Trade, selling 1C items or less over time, just to afford stuff I see everyone else buying and selling all the time because they happen get Exalts dropping like candy.

Yes, luck is luck, but one player shouldn't have a massively different game experience than another just due to RNG. Nothing random about getting bad drops consistently. That's a systemic issue.

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