2.4.0 League Crafted Items

Why don't i play poe anymore? game is easy , boring and now will be easier and more boring ....
"Path of Exile's engine is currently modern, lean and fast." - Chris Wilson, September 19th, 2019
neoc666 wrote:
thkthk12 wrote:
Neoc666 I think its very misleading when you say "everyone" is doing one particular thing because that is simply not true. Also, I may be incorrect but I think the statistics that GGG released is based on hours and not number of players divided amongst the player base. Herflik I don't think we can accurately know how many players have quit because of lack of contents on standard but I do agree with you that its a shame that one side of the player base is being neglected. From looking at threads its seems that people who play temp league just tell players playing std to stop complaining but I think std players to have the right to ask for new contents. I think the reason by the number of hours played on standard have decreased is because a lot of the players migrate to the temp league to get the league only uniques so they can bring back to the standard league.

Standard is the waste dump for leagues. Standard is disgustingly fucked up because of legacy gear and power creep on a level you could never achieve in a temp league. How this could be solved? Wipe it, restart. No legacy gear.

But wasting developer resources on it instead of making good leagues and new content? Never gonna happen.

you would fail your own buisness in a heartbeat
lets try an explanation a 10 year old could understand

ppl love cola few ppl enjoy sprite and fanta you think if you remove sprite and fanta they will buy more cola or just go for something similar to fanta and sprite ?
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The only reason I've stopped playing PoE is because the OP cross-classed, and kicked in the corner my beloved Ice skills. :|

Stop beating the casters and the cold stuff for the god sake !
I love to spend time just discussing stuff. :)
left -> to -> right:
garbage, cool, garbage, meh, garbage
craft ? so vain ! thx
too bad it takes too much currency for me to try crafting anything..
"Don't Tread on Me"

i dont see any monsters buffs...

game is very very easy atm.

easy game = boring game
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we already have crafting, then master crafting then the lab crafting. In order to really be good it would need to either be capable of adding some awesome affixes or, capable of adding more affixes and suffixes than we can already. Or affixs and suffixes that are really good for certain skills and can't be gotten anywhere else... To be successful at least, Hopefully though you will give us some awesome rewards for the league though either way.
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I think you should rework the crafting system at some point.
Right now noone uses exalted orbs for crafting,they are 99.9% used for trading only.
I think the fact that we trade based on orbs that are completely useless for 99% of the players should seem like a problem in a game where every "dollar" has a function also.
Exalts have no function other than destroying a nice item without a mechanism to revert (eternal) that also costs less than one exalted.

Edit: Also exalted orbs were introduced based on standard league timeline where one could gather enough through a whole year of playing. Crafting with them in 3 month time is ridiculous.
I hope these items you show on page one really aren't created by exalting some bases...
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Very cool. May be good for leveling or "for the time being" type of stuff. Every little bit of crafting helps. I hope its part of challenges. it'd be fun to have recipe challenge like that again.

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