2.4.0 League Crafted Items

Perq wrote:
jarmungan wrote:
So, i have 20 years and i have been playing this game from a long time. I was playing when this game was really hard and "end game" boss was val in a2. But i wonder what ggg want to do with this hardcore h&s. I wrote hardcore becouse this game is not for casuals that playing 2/3 horus per week.

But from warband league this game start changing. Ascendency and items that ggg improved to gem change mechanics of this game. Atm no one cares of survi, most ppl looking for fast builds that can off screen or clear maps lees then 3 min.

So, in my opinion afix or prefix in wand like 10% chance for power/endur/or frenzy charge is 2 op. Atm you no need to use frenzy/blood last/enduring cry/power charge on crit or other things to get charges, so you no need to "sacrifice" sockets in items or link with main skills to get really good things like chargers.

This same with % reduced mana reserver.

I know that you want to add new things to game and spice things that are possible to do in game. But please... stop facilitate this game before every one season. Leave this for blizzard which broke really nice game with these actions. It's not a good way to make game better with bosting dps and clear speed.

GGG, please read this. :V

we don't know how hard it's gonna be to get those mods yet. The overall point though, I agree with 100%.
Veeery nice!
I've gotta say, I don't see how this is making rares better. It's making uniques less valuable, sure. Is it making rares better though? I have to assume that the mods will all be suffixes as all of the previewed mods are, except the new tier of life.

If you try to roll a good body armour there are certain things you want on it. Specifically elemental resistances. The difference in value of a 2 res (T3/T2) and a 3 res (T3/T2) is pretty significant. An body with 1200-1400 Armour and a T2 and T3 res will run ~10C. Add another T3 ~20C. If you add additional suffix mods that can replace the already low, low chance of getting 3 high tier res rolls with a mediocre mod you aren't making rares better. You are making them worse.

What about weapons? Suffix rolls include Global Crit chance, Crit chance for spells, Crit multi, Attack Speed, Cast Speed and Accuracy. By adding another mod to weapons you further decrease the chance of rolling a worthwhile weapon. I don't think many people are going to want to use a slower or lower crit weapon because it has a 10% chance to gain a random charge that may or may not help them.

I assume the 10% chance to gain some random charge is to improve self cast Discharge once CoC gets tuned back, but it certainly isn't worth losing any of the mods previously mentioned for any non-Discharge build.

TLDR: Adding more mods makes it harder to roll good rares. It also makes uniques less valuable. Where's the upside to this update?

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