2.4.0 League Crafted Items

15107514 wrote:
Lol mirror items price sky rocketing BRACE YOURSELVES.

League crafted items only. Doubtful.
ProbablyGettingNerfed - L100 Occultist
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Our maps are high rolled...<High®>
Ok, I like what I see here. Hopefully Friday isn't disappointing.
No one cares about standard. It's literally a recycle bin, just press empty.
Is 2.4.0 Atlas of Worlds? When is that going to drop?
meh until real results are seen, not test server that can have anything
PoE 2 is actually happening :D
exciting,the mods is fun
sweet az :O)
Looks promising. :)
Some of those look good but you guys are still way off base with the chest armor mods. You simply cant reach the mitigation of the unique chest armors with a good rare and thats the problem. You end up with 0 reason to use a rare unless youre an ES build. Id suggest maybe moving some offensive stats like that charge generation on the wand to a chest suffix so at least you give us an option of swapping mitigation for offense, risk vs reward and all that.
15107514 wrote:
Lol mirror items price sky rocketing BRACE YOURSELVES.

if anything they will drop :^)
While the implementation and ease of getting those crafted items remains to be seen, this could be huge. Rare items with unique non-master crafted affixes is something some players have been wanting to see for some time now. Hopefully, this will bring interesting itemization in the next leagues a step further. There's certainly a lot of potential there.

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